January 20, 2021

About Us

We are here to provide you a review of different online shopping stores. Due to an increase in online shopping, the number of scammers increases day by day, which harms this industry. Every online store markets its product as the best one in terms of design, quality, and anything else. A considerable number of online buyers lost or wasted their money on buying low-quality products due to fraudulent activity by the seller.

Therefore, we are putting our efforts into reviewing different online platforms and products offered on them. Our purpose is to build the trust of online buyers and contribute efforts to the growth of this industry.

We not only review online sellers but a wide range of products available on different online stores. Either that product is offered by a particular store or provided by digital marketers on different known platforms like Amazon, eBay, and many more.

Furthermore, other than the eCommerce platform, we also work on a biography and health & fitness category. So that our readers get a variety of information in one place, and they don’t need to search for different websites.

How Do We Work?

We work with a team of expertsin affiliate marketing, digital marketing, customer relationships, etc. Our team spends a significant amount of time analyzing the legitimacy of any online store.

We are not connected with any website and don’t involve in any commission system by providing a negative or positive review. We review with honesty to help the buyers in making the best buying decisions.

We follow the below-mentioned criteria in the review of every website.

Product Details: We analyze the way of product presentation in terms of specifications, quality, design, etc. The availability of multiple and detailed images of products are available on every product page; it creates a positive impact.

Customer Reviews:Reviews by past customers is the best way to know about the quality of the product. It let the new customers understand the pros and cons of the product in a better way instead of reading the qualities of a product published by the seller.

Mostly, online store publishes fake reviews. We spend significant time reading the past customer reviews. We analyze the format and way of presentation of customer reviews. If the reviews are posted by real customers, the format or writing style will be different in every review. But if the reviews are managed by using fake techniques, it must be in a similar writing style and usually posted with full star ratings.

Website Structure:Website of any online store tells a lot about the legitimacy and worth of the store. Therefore, we analyze the website profoundly and figure out the problems with it by using the following techniques:

  • Contact Us Page: Is there sufficient information available about the store like contact number, email address, business address, warehouse information, and few more. The nonexistence of any of the above information creates ambiguity about the physical presence of the website.
  • Refund Policy:If the seller takes all the responsibility of the product in case of delivery of the damaged or low-quality product and makes it easy for the customer to send back the product. It is a good sign and indicates that the seller is genuine. But if the seller takes partial or no responsibility, it means there is something wrong.
  • Shipment Process:Usually, online stores mention the delivery time and responsible for delivering the products at the specified time. In case of any problem, the seller is responsible for informing the buyer about delaying reason. But if the seller doesn’t take responsibility for on-time delivery, it puts a negative impact on the legitimacy of the seller.
  • Payment Options: Usually, the seller offers multiple payment options to create easiness for customers. The payment option includes credit cards issued by different banks, PayPal, and many more. Be aware of the sellers that stuck to a single or unauthorized payment option.


Our team performs the review based on the information available on the seller’s website and a few more online resources. Our primary purpose is to provide an idea about the seller that helps the buyers to make their buying decision.

Therefore, we don’t take any type of responsibility for the accuracy of information.