January 20, 2021

Benefits of Drinking Water:

The concentration of water in a human body is near about 60%. Water contributes to the majority of the weight of human body which has been helpful in various functions of our body. Consumption of water helps in keeping the body hydrated and brings together various benefits.

Benefits of Drinking Water:

Some of the benefits of water consumption are mentioned below:

1.) Helps in weight lose:

Intake of water increases the level of calories a human body burns which is known as “resting energy expenditure”. Drinking more water is purely sufficient in reaching the goal of weight loss; therefore no such lifestyle is required to be altered.

In addition to this consumption of approximately 0.5 liters of water show an evident result of burning 23 calories. People have significantly observed the loss in weight in just few weeks when they gradually increased the consumption of water intake.

Naturally water is the only beverage which is calorie free therefore this reduces the chance of weight gain. Because when you drink water instead of consuming any other beverage it will burn your calories and sugar content.

According to the researches it is recommended to intake at least 8 glasses of water which accounts to about 2 liters. Therefore the limit depends totally on individuals as people who are more physically active needs to consume more than those who are not exercising.

2.) Creates saliva:

Saliva composite 98% of water but it is also produced with other essential substances such as mucus, electrolytes, enzymes and antibacterial compounds.  Saliva creates food bolus which helps in moistening the food so that the solid food can be easily swallowed.

A human body produces enough saliva which keeps the mouth healthy and moisturized. Dryness of the mouth happens when salivary glands do not provide enough fluid to moisture the mouth.

3.) Maximize the energy level:

Hydrated body system helps the brain to work efficiently and effectively. Various studies have reported that even a 1-3% of dehydration on the body can result in poor performance of the brain.

Consuming increase in the level of water during physical activity helps in enduring hydrated and strengthens body system.

Even a mild loss of fluids can affect the body by changing the performance and the mood of a person and loss in memory.

If athlete’s workout in excess without simultaneously increasing in the amount of water intake can develop serious health issues such as lower blood pressure, etc.

4.) Helps in digestion:

New studies have shown that intake of water prior and after a meal can help a human body to digest and churn the food in its optimism level. Therefore the process of breakdown of solid foods happens easily and smoothly.

This as a result will provide consistency in the working of the body and coordination will be maintained between the brain and the other functions.

5.) Fights headache:

Arousal of migraines or headaches can happen due to one of the factor i.e. dehydration. Headaches are therefore result of dehydration i.e. loss of fluids.

New studies have revealed that consumption of more 50.7 ounces of water in a day can show significant result in improving the already hit problem of migraine.

6.) Efficiently improves the oxygen circulation:

Water helps the body to keep hydrated and thus initiates the healthy circulation of blood and other essential nutrients to the human body. Particularly warm water helps the veins of the body to expand and flow the blood to all parts of body in an effective manner. On the other hand, consuming cold water comprise the veins making them close for flowing the blood effectively.

7.) Fights constipation:

Basically, constipation is a problem faced by a human body in bowel movements and passing of stools become difficult. Therefore, it becomes utterly important for a person to increase the amount of water intake in order to make the bowel movements perform adequately.

It happens when there is less consumption of fiber, water or there is a change in the diet plan. Therefore increase in the level of water will keep the body hydrated and hence will help in decreasing the risk of constipation.

8.) Helps in weight loss:

Water is a great component to uplift the metabolism in a human body. Water is regarded as a natural “appetite suppressant”. In simpler words, water will resist the stomach to eat much and suppress the hunger as water consumption will lead to a sense of fullness.

Consumption of water helps the kidneys to flush out the waste toxins from the body and retains the essential nutrients required by a human. Therefore water is very much required for the body to metabolize the carbohydrates.

Water release waste from the body and keeps it hydrated. This way kidney will flush the unwanted bacteria. Therefore more intake of water will increase the level of lipolysis which is referred as the process that burns the fat.

9.) Makes skin bright:

Several researchers have proved that water is treated as the best medical remedy for treating the skin. In order to glow a person must drink a lot of water to keep their skin hydrated. Therefore water will prevent acnes, blemishes, wrinkles and dull skin.

It is preferable to consume 1 gallon of water in a day for preventing the body from various health risks and disorders. Hence, it is confirmed by the researchers that drinking enough water will make the skin and hydrated.

10.) Treats kidney stones:

Small kidney stones do not require any kind of treatment they can be cured by consuming a lot of water. Therefore small stones can be passed out by in taking plan fluids i.e. water.

This happens because the more intake of water helps a person to urinate more and this flushes out the stones in kidneys.

How much water should be consumed in a day?

According to the research and outcome of National Academics of Sciences, Medicine and Engineering; a men must consume 125 ounce of water in a day while on other hand women should consume 91 ounce in a day.

Water is an essential part of our diet. It is advisable to remark or record of your water intake. Always carry water bottle where ever you go as this will help you to keep yourself hydrated.

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