February 28, 2021

Benefits of sunlight for health, hair, and skin

Sunlight is a source of food that our body consumes and our organs cannot operate properly without sun-light so, we are here to tell you the benefits of sunlight for health, hair, and skin.

  • Most of our body is hungry for sunlight, in today’s generation, we all are becoming an ‘indoor person’ we all are spending ninety-five percent of our life- indoors. We all have filled or décor our homes with fancy -materials so our homes have become the place that we don’t want to leave.  Our nature has been replaced by gadgets and sunlight with artificial- light. God has not adopted our bodies without sunlight so, sunlight is really important for our body.
  • Sunlight is a biological -need, but yet human- body is starving for sun light due to this many things are getting wrong, most of us are feeling sad, we are constantly going under anxiety and stress, now a day’s depression is a common state of our mind and to feel joyful most of us start popping pills. But have you ever thought that how can you feel joyful and enjoy your life? No, then let us tell you that you will never feel happy and you will never enjoy your life if you will shut yourself in a darkness. To be happy in your life by getting rid of your skin, hair, and health problem> solution is here which is really simple; you need to stop shutting yourself in the darkness.

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Sun light has healing properties that can heal anything but most of us avoid sun light because we all have heard that sun rays damage our skin so, here is a fear of getting damaged skin inside us but, you should know that sun light plays a vital role in our lives so, we should not avoid sun light.

Let’s have a glance at the benefits of sun light for hair, skin, and health.


  • A sun ray is the original medicines for many health problems. For being healthy you need to become an indoor generation instead of an outdoor generation. You will face many health problems like prostate cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, psoriasis, arthritis, etc So, bring back sunlight into your life.
  • Exposure of sun light lowers the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, stress any many such health problems. Your blood gets circulated by the exposure of sunlight.
  • Expose your body to the sunlight as it detoxifies your body from harmful bacteria (it is a powerful detoxifier).
  • For maintaining good health our body needs vitamin D and you should know this that sun light is the richest or highest source of vitamin D.  For good health vitamin D is necessary, vitamin D also strengthens your teeth, bones, immune system, lowers asthmatic symptoms, and also protects the body against cancer. If you want to improve the supply of vitamin D for your body then you really need sunlight. The deficiency of vitamin D occurs due to a lack of intake of sunlight exposure so; sit under sunlight for approximately thirty minutes.

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  • Your bodies produce vitamin D due to sun-light that stimulates your hair growth.
  • Exposure to sunlight prevents hair fall and also promotes the growth of hair.
  • Receive vitamin by espousing yourself in the sun–light for getting healthy hair.
  • You should start becoming an outdoor person for exposing yourself to the “sunlight” for getting healthy-hair.

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  • Is sun-light good for the skin? Not only your hair needs sun light, but your skin also needs sunlight as well.
  • Sunlight improves the texture of your skin.
  • Sun does causes damage to your skin but only the over-exposure of it, not the exposure of the sun. Sunlight helps to produce important nutrients. Sunlight helps in combating numerous skin problems such as eczema, fungal- infections, acne, and psoriasis.
  • There are several little pores on your skin when the pores becomes closed because of dirt or any other matter the waste can no longer exit from the skin and give rise to many skin disease, sun light is essential for maintaining skin- health.

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