January 27, 2021

Is Bullnova.com worth shopping from?

Shopping accounts to the best moments in anyone’s life. Everyone craves for shopping as it amounts to self peace. Therefore in this pandemic going out for shopping is no less then risking your life. Hence, the technology is playing a vital role for helping people to solve the problem of shopping. Various merging online stores fulfill the requirement of the people in all the circumstances.

You have reached the right destination where all your problems regarding the online store Bullnova.com will be solved. We will be accumulating various points which must be considered before shopping or transacting with nay unknown sites.

In the following article we have discussed various points which will direct the reasons to known the worth of bullnova.com.

What is Bullnova.com?

Bullnova.com is an online store which is selling splendid attire for the women on their website. All the clothing related to women is available on Bullnova.com. Some of the categories which the company is offering to their customers are lounge wear, pants, tops, jackets, spacious bags, beautiful jewelry and daisy dot dresses.

1.) Owner details and WHOIS records:

Details of the owner are a feed to doubt of the customers. It helps the customers to rely on the claims that company is making. In addition if a company has an online setup then more precautions must be taken from the side of the company to ensure that the customer is not left in doubt.

Bullnova.com has not shared the details of their owner and the developers of the company neither on their official website nor on the records of WHOIS.

2.) Contact info:

Companies provide a number of customer service team to their customers in order to help them to clarify their doubts and queries. Contact details are very important element in the success of the company. Customer service number helps the grieved customers to receive their referral from the members of the team.

The number provided by the company Bullnova.com is fake because when we tried calling, the number was unreachable. Hence, in order to shop from unknown companies one must acknowledge all the relative points.

3.) Domain age:

Online stores like Amazon, Ebay, H&M, etc have reached the great heights after performing well within the internet base. Therefore climbing the ladder of success one must be patient and confident on its working. Hence this can only happen with time.

This is not the case with Bullnova.com because the company has been operating since 77 days only which ensures that the claims regarded by the firm can be false also. Therefore the working of the company cannot be trusted at this early stage.

4.) Address details:

The address of any company is provided to the customers to make them trust on the firm and owners that their working and the undertaken operations are worth believing. The bullnova.com has provided the address of their office but after investigating the same address on Google map nothing could be found.

This makes us believe that the company is playing the tricks with their actual and potential customers. Hence the readers must be careful with such types of companies which try to trap the emotions of the innocent customers.

5.) Social media account:

In today’s era where everyone is obsessed with social media at that scenario the team of Bullnova.com does not want their company to grow and leap. In today’s world the stress between the companies due to competition is getting vast due to the use of social media. Hence social media plays an important role in reaching the potential customers more in terms of the knowledge of the product.

The company Bullnova.com has not shared any links or information of being on some social media platform which clearly indicates that the company does not share any future plan. Hence, we all need to be careful before using any such unknown online store.

6.) Product and Prices:

The product which Bullnova.com is offering is beautiful and gives a luxurious feel to the person who wishes to purchase. The company claims that all the products are designed with special skill keeping in mind the requirements of today’s trend.

The prices at which the company Bullnova.com is selling their products are quite low according to the worth of the products. Therefore if the products are of such good quality then there might be a big leading team behind it. Hence, if the developers of the company will sell their products at such cheap prices then it would not be able to earn profit neither it will be able to pay back the people working behind.

7.) Payment method:

The modern marketing complies that the company must go hand in hand with the needs of the customers. Therefore all the requirements of the actual and potential customers must be fulfilled. Hence in the era of technology there are various people who expect the online stores to add the option of Cash on Delivery.

Hence all the genuine companies tend to provide the option of Cod to their customers. Therefore in the case of Bullnova.com the company only provides the option of PayPal transaction from their customers.

8.) Return and Exchange policy:

The Bullnova.com is providing an exchange period of 14 days where the unsatisfied customers can request for the exchange of their product from the day of receipt. In order to precede the procedure of exchange one must comply with all the instructions provided by the company. According to the company the product must be unused and to be returned in original packaging.

If the customers wish to return the product then according to the claims the customer will have to bear the half of the shipping price.

9.) About US:

The “About US” section of the company explains the upcoming future plans of the operations of the firm. This section directs the uniqueness of the mindset of the company.

The case is not the same with Bullnova.com as the company has not explained much about the owner or the company.


Bullnova.com has not provided much transparency to their customer which precisely explains that the company does not wish to operate for a long run.  Elimination of important details creates doubts in the minds of the people who believe in shopping from the company.

Hence, Bullnova.com absolutely cannot be trusted on the part that the longevity of the company will exist. Therefore we place Bullnova.com in our “Not Recommended” section. Hence, we suggest all our readers to shop from legit and genuine online stores.

In case you are dealing with some sort of doubt or query then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below.

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