February 28, 2021

Is it worthy to shop from Butyflor.com?

When talking of shopping in this pandemic of Covid-19 then online shopping is the only option left. Therefore the fast pace of increasing online stores are creating more risk in the lives of people. Hence, it becomes important for each one of us to ensure whether we are shopping from legit sites or not.

You have landed on the right destination where we will be sharing the facts and opinions about Butyflor.com .com. The article will bring you to the reality which will work as an eye opener.

What is Butyflor.com .com?

A latest online store Butyflor.com .com is promising to provide modern footwear which is unique in color and combination. The company claims to deliver the product at the best condition at your door step.

The designs of footwear’s are quite attractive and varieties of footwear are available. The color combination which the company offers provides the right proportion of effects.

Some points mentioned below will clarify the mindset and will prove the worth of aheafeel.com.

1.) WHOIS details:

The company Butyflor.com .com does not provide any information regarding their owner. Even the WHOIS record does not show the details of the people behind the company.

Genuine companies do not hide their information from the customers. Any action which suspects the company is not taken by the owners of genuine companies because they wish to operate in a long run.

2.) Product and prices:

The footwear provided by Butyflor.com .com is magnificent and splendid. The fancy attire attracts more and more customers. There are various categories of footwear which company is offering such as sandals, platforms, heel ankle, sneakers, slippers, etc.

The price tags that the company sells are very cheap according to the prices of genuine companies.

3.) Higher discounts:

The company provides higher ratio of rebates to their customers for the products they offer to sell. The percentage of discount varies from 25% – 50%. Even 100% of discount is also availed in some of the products.

This is how many people are scammed due to such lucrative offers which such scam company offers.

4.) No address details:

Butyflor.com has not provided any details of their office address either on their official website or on WHOIS records.

Owners, who are scared of getting sued from the customers because of their scam actions and products, do not provide information of their address.

They do not want people to come over to their office for the wrong delivery of products or misplace of the ordered product.

5.) Payment method:

The company Butyflor.com strictly restricts the acceptance of Cash on Delivery (COD) for the orders.

Customers are only allowed to pay using PayPal, Visa, American Express, etc. People who do not have the facility to provide payment for their ordered products to the company, then how will they will purchase?

All the genuine companies offer COD as an option for payment but scam companies do not want customers to reveal the identity of the developers.

6.) Uncountable buying options:

The company allows their customers to purchase uncountable items or units of single product. No genuine company allows their customers to purchase more than 5-10 items of single product.

7.) Copied Terms and Conditions:

Butyflor.com has uniqueness of their own as they have copied their content of “Terms and Conditions”. Every genuine company must create their unique content for understanding the needs of their customers in a much better way.

In the Terms and Condition, the company Butyflor.com is claiming to be the best online store for men but on the other hand the official store is offering varieties of women footwear.

8.) Return and Exchange Policy:

Butyflor.com is allowing the exchange of products within a period of 14 days. The customers are required to submit the details of the product and the personal information.

The company claims to accept the product in return only when the product is unused and in original packaging. Now, the question arises that how a product can even be tried without taking off the package?

Even according to the claims of the company the products will not be accepted without a prior discussion with customer service of the Butyflor.com.

9.) About US:

The “About Us” section of Butyflor.com does not share any details of their owner and the management team with their customers. The rest of the information that the company provides is not enough to satisfy the questionnaire of the potential customers.

Whenever online store is maintained the information of the owner, the company and the management becomes must.

It is advisable to be aware of the companies which do not share their owner’s information with their customers.

10.) Fake model images:

The models on the Butyflor.com showcasing the magnificent footwear are fake and copied. The pictures of the models hide the face. This automatically creates a sense of doubt in the minds of the actual and potential customers.

11.) Domain age:

The domain of the company Butyflor.com was created few days’ backs which generally proves the doubt and queries and makes it curious to be the worth for shopping.

Companies which generally are created few days back become a question of suspicious for the use.

12.) Flashy warnings for discount:

The company official page is creating a flowery world for the people to trust it easily. The company claims that the sale or the discount offer is availed for little time. This flashy note is shown repeatedly so that the customers shop quickly without thinking.

13.) Contact information:

The company Butyflor.com has not provided any information for contacting the customer service in case of something went wrong. An email address is only provided which makes it difficult to digest for the customers to trust.

Providing an email id for the after service is not the solution and proves that the company wishes to operate in a short period of time.

If in case you have any queries or doubts regarding the operation and working of Butyflor.com, then feel free to comment in the section below.