January 27, 2021

Canineen Reviews: Is Canineen.com Valid or not?

Welcome everyone to Canineen.com reviews where we are giving you all the important information about Canineen.com.

Canineen.com is an online shopping store. Canineen is supplying stuff like Clothing, Bags, Jewelry, and Shoes for both men and women and other accessories.

It affirms to provide all the latest fashionable and trendy items, in different colors, sizes, and Affordable prices.

The products shown on the website are according to Customers choices and are very fashionable.

Several online stores are coming day by day on the internet which is providing products with very high discounts and very low prices.

We do not claim if Canineen.com website is fake or legit yet, after doing some more research we will update soon. We recommend you to buy any product from any website after a full research.

Is Canineen.com a genuine site?

We are clarifying some important points for which can help you to find out about Canineen whether it is a genuine site or not.

1- WHOIS and Owner Information:

Canineen.com does not give any valid information about their company on their website or in WHOIS.

Scam sites hide their customers from their true information and identity. They don’t provide any kind of information to people not even owners and company information.

To know about the WHOIS info of Canineen.com please visit here: WHOIS Information.

2- Discount Offers:

Canineen.com is giving a discount on some of its products. And it is advertising Flash Sale on its website so people will visit their site.

It is the main reason why most people get scammed because they fall for such lucrative offers/discounts given by the scam sites.

3- Products and Prices:

The items shown in the Canineen store are superb.

The products include mainly clothing; dresses, tops, jeans, shorts, and various kinds of shoes, bags, pieces of jewelry, and other accessories for both men and women.

These kinds of stores provide fancy things so people visit their site more.

The prices given on the products of the Canineen store are cheap according to other genuine site’s price range.

4- Shipping Arrangement:

Canineen is providing free shipping across the whole world.

It is not easy to provide free shipping worldwide because some countries may have a shipping charge. Even genuine sites also have a shipping charge on their products.

5- Payment Method:

Canineen is giving Cash on delivery (COD). The payment method of Canineen is COD only.

6- Contact Info:

Canineen does not provide any contact information on the official page of their website. You cannot contact them in case something went wrong with the product or in case someone needs refunding.

They only provide an email id for their customers in they want a refund or the order is not deliver but who knows if they are going to reply back or not which is not enough to trust them and then you will lose your money.

7- Address Information:

They have not mentioned their address on their website.

8- Uncountable Buying Option:

Canineen store allows uncountable buying offers for a single item which means you can buy many products because it has no limit. This sounds crazy because legit sites never allow more than 5 to 10 pieces in a single order.

9- Fake Model Images:

Canineen store is showing Fake models images on their website; all images shown on their website do not have full faces. Not showing their model’s faces because the images may be copied from other websites.

10-About US:

Canineen does not mention any important information on their about us page. Even the content is looking copy. The information they provide is not enough.

If you are working on an online platform, your information must be provided so people can trust you.

Always be alert when you want to buy online. Check their customer support, contact info, company info, ratings, and emails if they are real or fake.

12- Domain Detail:

Canineen.com is 79 days old. It’s a new website which is gaining popularity on-internet and very fast.

Even after so many years of working genuine sites becomes popular according to their services. Yet Canineen is gaining attention quickly which is quite unlikely.

So please be careful if you are trying to buy any product from this platform.

13- Return & Exchange Policy:

Canineen is offering 7 days return policy on their page but before that, you need to provide your contact info and other important info to the website.

According to their Return and Exchange policy:-The product should be unused, undamaged and in original packing with its original label.

They still don’t confirm refunding or exchanging the product at any place on their site.

They just said they’re going to send us an email but you can’t be sure if they are going to respond or not because they do not say anything about exchanging products.

And you will surely lose your money.

Some Other Points:

  • Low Quality about Us Page.
  • Fake Model’s Images.
  • High Discount Offer on products.
  • Worldwide Free Delivery.
  • Unlimited Quantity Buying for 1 item.
  • 79 Days old domain.


Canineen.com is just 79 days old only so it’s hard to trust this website so if you are looking to buy anything from this site so please kindly read our reviews about Canineen.

We have highlighted out some important things which can help you to clear your doubts. So please always be aware of scam sites like Canineen and do not fall into their trap.

If you are content with our article, please let us know by dropping a comment in the comment box and about the experience if you ever try anything from this site.




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