February 28, 2021

Whether to shop from Dpaysement.com or not?

In this situation of Covid-19 we all are stuck at homes and nothing is possibly happening. Such a pandemic which is caused in the environment shopping for important stuff had become difficult. In this scenario shopping from online stores is the option left. Therefore the increase in online stores simultaneously increases the risk from them. There are various online scams which are taking place these days. Hence, we should always be careful before shopping from any new observed online store.

In this article we will be discussing about an online store dpaysement.com which are selling necessary items used in a house. There are many points which are to be considered before taking in hand the step for shopping.


What is Dpaysement.com?

Dpaysement.com is an online store which is offering outdoor umbrella, sandwich toaster, coffee maker, balance scooter, etc. There are several other necessities products which the company is offering.

Some of the points mentioned below will help in arranging the thoughts whether the company Dpaysement.com will be worth to shop from or not:

1.) Owner information and WHOIS records:

The uniqueness of the company is followed by the details given by the company such as details of the owner and the managing team. The company has not shared the details of their owner neither on their official website nor on the records of WHOIS.

Submitting the details help the customers to trust the company blindly and confidently. Therefore Dpaysement.com has not shared any details of their owner.

2.) Huge discounts:   

The company is offering huge discount percentage to their members without any occasion. Therefore the discount rate varies from 50% – 70% which seemingly believes impossible. The company Dpaysement.com is flashing “Biggest Sale” on their official website. The flowery words used by the company are a strategy of the company to attract more and more people around it.

3.) Contact info:

Providing the contact details of the company and customer service helps the actual and potential customers to rely on. This indicates that the company can be trusted that if the product received is to be exchanged then the company can easily be contacted.

Therefore in the case of Dpaysement.com the company has not provided the number of the customer service which is the responsibility of the owner or the developers.

4.) Address details:

Address information of the company helps the customers to visit the company if the product delivered doesn’t suit them. Even the address will work as a reassurance for the people who doubt to shop from unknown online stores.

Dpaysement.com has not provided address details of their company which directly indicates that the company do not stand themselves liable if in case the product delivered is in the bad condition or even not delivered.

5.) Social media:

In the era of globalization when all the people from across the world are using social media and promoting their business, then why Dpaysement.com is not having any social media page promoting the products they are offering.

This shows that the company does not want people to reveal the true identity of the owners operating the company.

6.) Payment method:

The modern marketing defines that the companies should operate with fulfilling the needs  and requirements of their actual and potential customers.

Therefore Dpaysement.com is not providing the customers option to pay Cash on Delivery for the products they order. The only option left with the customers is using either the credit card details or PayPal. Therefore as observed various scam companies misuse the financial details submitted by the customers. The account can be credited without even notifying the customers.

7.) Return and Exchange Policy:

The company is providing 14 days return policy for the customers who are not satisfied with their product they are delivered with. In order to return the product company must be submitted with certain details beforehand.

In addition to this the customer who wishes to return the product must comply with the instructions given by the company. The product to be returned must be in original packaging without in use. Plus the return shipping will be paid by the customer itself.

In case the customer wants to cancel the product therefore the cancellation must be initiated before the shipment otherwise the customer will be partially penalty.

8.) Customer reviews:

The website Dpaysement.com has a domain age of 220 days which means that the company is operating from such a long time. Still we could not find any reviews or feedback from the customers who have purchased from Dpaysement.com. Therefore how could it be possible that all the extravagant claims made by the company are not noticed by any of person across the world?

Hence, it is always recommendable to investigate about the reviews of the company you wish to transact money matters as it makes easy to judge the worth of the company.

9.) Uncountable buying:

The company Dpaysement.com has not restricted their members for the purchase of the single item. This shows that the company has no plan for longevity of their business. The genuine companies always restrict their customers the purchase of similar item up to 5 units but this is not the case with Dpaysement.com.

10.) About US:

The “About US” section is maintained by the company to discuss their working and the future plans with the public in order to gain their trust. This section brings uniqueness and makes people believe that the company is pursuing some kind of plan.

Hence, Dpaysement.com has copied the content from other leading brands on their online platform because there is no pinch of information shared about the owner and the managing team of the company.


It has always been advisable to deal with the companies which take initiative to share the details of the company and the owner because then only it can be trusted. Therefore there are no reviews shared by the customers regarding the shopping experience from Dpaysement.com.

Therefore we put Dpaysement.com in our “Not Recommended” section.

In case if you are hovering with any doubts or queries then please feel free to share them in the comment section below. Experience holders are always welcome to share their story.