January 27, 2021

Whether Gwiocue.com is worth shopping from or not?

Online shopping has becomes a great benefit for the people of this era as anything can be ordered in the area we reside in. There are various online setups which are taking place in the internet market every day. Therefore with the increase in number of online stores there is an up rise of risk which many people have to face due to lack of knowledge and investigation.

In this article we will understand the full concept of internet marketing and how to get deep down the throat of information. With full understanding of the points it will become much easier for the readers to recognize the nature of the business and the motive behind its operation.


What is Gwiocue.com?

Gwiocue.com is an online women store which offers varieties of trendy and fashionable upper wear for the ladies who have a good taste in clothing. The designs provided are quite attractive and comfy. The clothing is categorized into outerwear, blouses, shirts, t-shirts and sweaters.

The high claims made by the company to their actual and potential customers will be revealed in the following points which will prove the worth of the company’s performance.

1.) Owner details and WHOIS records:

The information of the owner is the most important detail provided to the customers by any company. As this indicates the inclination and the works ethics of the company but this is not the case with Gwiocue.com.

The company Gwiocue.com has not provided the details of the owner and the managing team to their customers neither on their official website nor on the records of WHOIS.

2.) Address info:

Address of the company’s office reliefs the customer from the chances where mishappening can be occurred with the delivered product. Address information makes the customer believe that in whatever situation they might stick the company and the developers are resting behind.

Gwiocue.com has not mentioned the details of the company’s address which directly indicates that the developers do not wish to operate in long run.

3.) Products and Prices:

The upper wear which Gwiocue.com is offering is splendid and designed with the knowledge of latest fashion. The styles can be coordinated with a good sense of fashion. The irregular and overlapping trend is matched with skill and talent.

The prices targeted for such stylish clothes are not worth. The Gwiocue.com is offering the products at cheap prices which actually are kept for attracting more and more customers.

4.) Domain age:

There are various leading online stores such as Amazon, Ebay, Ajio, etc which have reached to such fame after several dedicated years of their work. Therefore the working of Gwiocue.com is only 87 days old which possible cannot be trusted. Hence it has always been advisable to shop from only those online stores which have been working since years.

5.) About US:

The “About US” section of online companies plays a vital role in reaching the people across the world. This section defines the working operations undertaken by the company. The About US section explains the upcoming future plans of the company and showcases the uniqueness.

Hence, this is not the case with Gwiocue.com as the company has copied the whole of the content from other leading websites to embrace their uniqueness. This explains that company does not wish to operate in a long run.

6.) Shipping charges:

Gwiocue.com is offering free shipping charges to their customers all across the globe which relatively seems to be unacceptable. Genuine online companies do not offer the perk of delivering the products without charging a shipping fee because the developers know that the motive of every company is to earn profit. Therefore this motive cannot be achieved until and unless miscellaneous expenses aren’t incurred by the customers also.

Various companies do not charge shipping from their customers to attract more and more people to their sites in order to take undue advantage of them.

7.) Payment method:

In this era of technology the trend says that the company and marketers should hand in hand with the consumers and the after sales service. The customers can be satisfied by providing every possible element in shopping which they find convenient.

Therefore almost all the genuine companies provide the option of Cash on Delivery (COD) to their customers. Hence, this is not the case with Gwiocue.com as the company has not provided the option of COD to their customers. The only payment options provided to the customers of Gwiocue.com are PayPal and credit card.

For this the customers will be required to submit their personal as well as financial details to the company through which the owners have the full authority to take the advantage of.

8.) Contact details:

The details of the company’s customer service is very much required in order to contact the team in case of doubt of delivery, delay in ordered product or if there is some mishappening with the product. All genuine companies entail the contact details to their customers for easy going and smooth shopping.

Hence, Gwiocue.com is not providing the information of their customer service which creates a sense of doubt in the environment.

9.) Social media account:

Social media is becoming one of the necessities in today’s world where the competition is reaching the heights. Every company is marketing their products more over social media rather than on any other platforms of advertisements. Therefore after deep investigation we could not find any sign of social media account either on their official website or through the help of internet.

The company Gwiocue.com has not mentioned the links of their social media account on their official website in order to help the customers to know more about the company.

10.) Fake models:

The products which Gwiocue.com is offering to their customers through the models are fake. Now, this can be interpreted because the faces of the models are not shown which clearly means that the pictures are copied from other leading brands. Companies which do not showcase the uniqueness of their plans tend to fail in the long term goals.

11.) Return and exchange policy:

The company is providing an exchange period of 14 days of the receipt. In order for the procedure of exchange the customers must comply with certain instruction which says that the product must be unused and in the original packaging.

Hence for the return the customer will have to bear the half of the shipping fee for the product they wish to return.


Gwiocue.com has not feed the customers with the important elements such the details of the owner, customer service and the managing team. Submitting as such details provides a relief to the customers for a long run of their contact with the company. Therefore Gwiocue.com cannot be trusted on this matter because there are no such details provided to the actual and potential customers.

Hence, we state Gwiocue.com in our “Not Recommended” section. Further, we would suggest our readers to only shop from leading and known brands or companies.

In case you are facing with any doubt or query please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below. Experience holders are also welcome to share their opinions.

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