January 27, 2021

Hypertension or HBP: Symptoms, Risk Factors and Treatments

These days a commonly word which is heard by people other than pandemic is hypertension. People are facing such an issue in their over a daily basis circumstances. The word which seems to quite bigger is suffered by people even for the rest of their lives.

Hypertension is also known as (HBP) High Blood Pressure which is long medical condition suffered by people mainly due to the rise in cholesterol. It is caused due to the stoppage of blood against the walls of arteries for a very long period of time and with the span of time this situation start causing health related problems. The more blood pumped by the heart is associated with high blood pressure as the arteries are narrow then.

Blood pressure is regarded with two numbers i.e. systolic and diastolic. Systolic is the first number which represents the blood pressure when the heart contracts or pumps. Diastolic is the second number written which show case the pressure when the heart rests.

Various times people face the problem of high blood pressure even without receiving any kind of symptoms in years. Due to such a reason the arteries continue to get damaged and uncontrolled blood pressure can cause high risks i.e. heart attack or even stroke.

Therefore a regular reading of blood pressure is very much important as such a change can only be brought up in the notice of a doctor. Blood pressure can be treated with the help of medications prescribed by the doctor and by adapting a healthy and fruitful lifestyle.

Hypertension or HBP: Symptoms, Risk Factors and Treatments

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Symptoms of Blood Pressure:

Blood pressure is regarded as the silent eater of health as it takes years to conflict the symptoms in a human body till it reach its severe heights. Some basic symptoms at the arrival of high blood pressure are early morning headaches, vision change, shortness of breath, dizziness, and nose bleeds.

In case of hypertension severe conditions can be incurred such as fatigue, urine in blood, anxiety, muscle tremors, nausea. Such symptoms do not incur until and unless the condition of blood pressure has reached its heights. Therefore there is a requirement of immediate check up from the doctor. Seeking a doctor on a regular basis helps a person to protect from life threatening conditions.

Risk Factors of High Blood Pressure:

There are various risk factors which can lead a risk to high blood pressure and therefore cannot be controlled such as family, genes, age, etc. The following paragraphs include brief discussion on the criteria of how blood pressure can take place and rise with time.

1.) Age:

The risk of blood pressure increases as people grow with age. The possibility of high blood pressure is more in men than in women.

2.) Genetics or family medical history:

Family genes tend to play important role in passing forward the symptoms of blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, heart disease and many more. This heredity history takes place as the surrounding and environment that family members share are similar which particularly increases the risk.

Family medical history refers to the list of medical conditions or diseases which members of the family has gone through in their past.

Therefore the risk of HPC increases as heredity or family medical history gets in combination with unhealthy standard of living.

3.) Exposed to Physical activity:

People who are less exposed to physical activity are tend to get more attacked to heart diseases as cancers, weaker arteries, strokes, etc. Regular physical activity helps keeping the heart and blood vessels strong. This as a result will help in keeping the blood vessel sin control.

4.) Consumption of alcohol:

Intake of high level of alcohol may lead to high blood pressure. The consumption of alcohol should be in limit. In case of women, they should consume 1 drink a day while on the other hand men should consume 2 drinks a day.

5.) Management of stress:

Being patient with the management of stress helps a person to control the rise of blood pressure. Practicing yoga, long walks, exercising regularly will help maintain a good health. Healthy lifestyle will work as a helping hand in maintaining and managing stress.

6.) Intake of more fruits and vegetables:

People dealing with high blood pressure should specifically consume healthy diet such as whole fiber foods, beans, pulses, omega -3, fruits, roughage, vegetables, low fat products and etc.

7.) Losing weight:

The more a human body will put on weight the more the organs will require blood in order to supply the oxygen to tissues. A healthy lifestyle and diet will help a person to maintain blood pressure.

Continuing high blood pressure will affect the overall health of a human body which can even risk to plaque as the walls of blood vessels becomes narrow with time. If the damage is not controlled the risk will be higher and can even worsen the condition of blood vessels.

Higher blood pressure can even lead to heart failure, metabolic syndrome, weakening of blood vessels in your kidney, toning of blood vessels in eyes, heart attack, strokes, dementia, etc.

 Treating Hypertension:

The risk serving disease can be controlled by changing the lifestyle and food habits on a regular basis. Some of the tips are mentioned below which will help you to change the standard of living.

  • Practicing physical activities on a daily basis.
  • Reducing the consumption of alcohol and tobacco.
  • Intake of healthy diet and fiber containing food items.
  • Losing the excess weight.
  • Taking less consumption of salt and sugar.

In addition to the changes in lifestyle the medicos recommended by your doctor is partially important. The ideal blood pressure should be 120/80 mm Hg or lower than this.


Hypertension or HBP is a very common condition which is taking place frequently these days. Hence, years can be passed for symptoms to showcase their risk. Therefore uncontrolled risks can be pretty serious and can damage the arteries.

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