January 27, 2021

Whether to shop from Kunoct.com or not?

You have reached the right place where all your doubts relating to kunoct.com will be solved. There are various online stores which are taking their business over the internet. Operating over internet does not always mean that the company is legit and genuine. There are various online marketers who tend to create an environment of scam around the people. These scammers use flowery language to attract more and more people towards them.

Therefore it is always advisable to operate with those companies or firms which are worthy. In this article we will investigate and collectively propagate all the points which will ensure that kunoct.com is worth working with or not.


What is kunoct.com?

The company is providing gas pressure washer powder with AAA and other varieties of other machines. Some of the categories of machines on the official page of the company are RYOBI, Generac and DEWALT.

Some of the points mentioned below will prove the whether the website kunoct.com is legit or not.

1.) Owner information:

As noticed till now, each and every genuine companies share the details of their owner with their present and potential customers in order to make them trust the working of the company.

Therefore kunoct.com has not shared the details of their owner or the developer with the customers. Even the details of the owner are not disclosed in the records of WHOIS. Such an important element is missed which creates doubt in the minds of the people who wish to purchase product from the website.

2.) Contact information:

Submitting contact information to the customers relieves them from the stress. Therefore in the case of kunoct.com the company has not provided any contact info for their members. This indicates the negligence of the developers who not even care to hear the reviews from their customers.

Now the question arises where the customers will contact if some mishappening occurs then no one can be blamed.

The company has not provided either the mail id or the contact number of service team is provided. This definitely proves that the company does not want their customers to reveal their identity.

3.) Discount:

The company is providing a great percentage of discounts to their customers. The tag line on the official page of the company claims “Flash Sale” which will end little time. Such lucrative offers attract customers.

Such a claim that the offer is valid for today will be a never ending offer. These claims force the customers to shop without thinking for a while.

4.) Shipping fee:

The company is providing free shipping all over the world within 3-7 days. Now the question arises how the company will earn money if they will deliver the products without charging the fee.

Genuine companies do not provide free shipping to their customers because the main aim of the company is to earn profit. Therefore the company like kunoct.com won’t be able to generate profit if they provide free shipping across the world.

5.) Payment method:

Companies which plan to operate for long period of time tends to walk with their customers by fulfilling their needs. Still in this era there are many customers who wish to pay Cash for their ordered product.

Kunoct.com is not providing the option of Cash on Delivery (COD) to their customers. The only payment option provided by Kunoct.com is PayPal.

Companies like Kunoct.com do not provide COD as their payment option because they do not want the customers to reveal the identity of the company.

6.) Address info:

The company Kunoct.com has not provided the information of their office address neither on their official website nor on the records of WHOIS.

Therefore the company is not liable if the product received is damaged because the address of Kunoct.com is not provided.

7.) About US:

No information regarding the working of the company is mentioned in About Us section. For making people trust on the operations discharged by the company it is an important element that developers must convey to their customers.

Shopping online has become one of the scams these days where people are continuously scammed with their personal as well as financial information.

Therefore it is recommendable to always investigate and look into the website before thinking for shopping from such companies.

8.) Domain age:

The domain age of the company only amounts to 20 days which precisely means that the company has no experience with the working.

The leading brands have gained popularity with time and experience but in the case of kuncot.com the company has no experience. Therefore such a company cannot be trusted.

9.) Return and Exchange Policy:

The company is providing 7 days return exchange, therefore you will be needed to contact the company before hand and share the details of the receipt.

For returning the ordered product you should the customers should comply the instructions give from the company. Firstly, the product should be unused and returned in the original packaging. Now, the question arises that how the product can be checked without using?

In order to return the product the customer should pay the shipping fee. In case the customers want to cancel the shipment of the product then they have to inform the company prior the shipping, otherwise the refund will be partially initiated.

10.) Social media:

For growing and expanding the business social media is a chosen platform by almost each and every company.

Therefore, kunoct.com has not shared any link of their social media account on their official website. Hence the legitimacy of the company cannot be revealed due to lack of information shared by the company.


As the above points makes it very clear for all of us to understand that Kunoct.com has not provided any details about their owner and the company. Therefore we place Kunoct.com in our Not Recommended section due to queries merging in the minds.

Hence it always recommendable to shop from companies which have good reviews and reputation among people for their service. Do not go for lucrative offers which are only meant attracting the customers and scamming them.

In case you are dealing with doubts and queries then please feel free to contact us by commenting on the section below. Suggestions are also welcome.

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