February 28, 2021

Luvrosy Review – Is Luvrosy a legit online store for female?

With the popularity of online stores, a large number of people like to buy their necessities online. Female products are one of the demanding items in online stores. Therefore, many stores only offer female products, and luvrosy.com is one of them.

With the increase in demand for online products, the number of scammers also increases in this industry. Usually, they provide low quality or damaged products and charge high prices against their services. Therefore, it is essential to check the review of a particular website before getting involved in the purchase.

In this article, we carry out a luvrosy.com review. It helps you to decide that you have to purchase from here or not.

Luvrosy Review -  Is Luvrosy a legit online store for female?

What Is Luvrosy.Com?

Luvrosy.com is an online shopping website that offered a wide range of ladies ‘ wear. The product line of this online store comprises tops, bottoms, swimsuits, dresses, jumpsuits & rompers, etc.

You can find a wide range of attractive designs in all categories, along with a variety of sizes. Luvrosy.com offers free shipping for orders up to $59 or more and claims to provide the same quality and specification of the product as displayed over the website.

Website Design

When we look at the design of the website, it offers user-friendly browsing. Theymake it simple for visitors to find a particular design and size. It provides all categories in the main menu and sub-menu based on the category. It is easy for customers to find the desired type of dressing quickly. Luvrosy.com effectively implements the customer gaining techniques in the website design.

·         Business Information

Luvrosy.com also created different vital pages like contact us, about us, terms & conditions, and refund policy, etc.

When we take an in-depth look at them, we find that the contact us page only displays the information about the business address and email address. This information is not sufficient to assure customers about their physical presence. Contact number is one of the main elements of the Contact-Us page, and there is a lack of contact number, which put us in doubt.

Furthermore, the business address displayed on the Contact-Us page is simply the address of building in China. There is no information about the company or the presence of any manufacturer. The information available on the Contact-Us page completely goes against the credibility of the website.

·         Refund And Shipping Policy

Refunds policy is another important thing when we want to judge the integrity of an online business. The refund policy of luvrosy.com is not much clear. On one side, it offers a refund of products within 30 days of purchase with full responsibility for certain defectson the top of the page. While, when we scroll down the page, we find another statement that cutting down their responsibility of return.

The dual meaning statement creates a negative impact on business. Additionally, it stops the customers from sending back the products on the same address from where it received and mentioned in the delivery box. Instead, customers have to contact the email address mentioned there and discuss the reason for return.

On getting approval of return by email, customers have to send the product back on the address they provided by email. We are unable to understand the reason behind this mysterious policy.

Moreover, customers are entirely liable for shipping in terms of charges and delivery responsibility. It is ridiculous. If the product delivered by the store is defective or not as per specifications, then why customers pay shipping charges? It is the tactic to prevent the product return.

Moreover, the payments are received by the business by using different mediums, including credit cards and PayPal. But if there is any dispute about the defect or quality of the product.The store has the right to defer the payment on PayPal. It means, most probably the customer will get nothing, nor the merchandise and not the cash.

The store ships the product after receiving the payment, and it requires 7 to 15 working days for the delivery of the product. But if you want expedited delivery, you have to pay the delivery charges that are three times higher than the standard costs. Even then, they didn’t take responsibility for on-time delivery.

·         Ownership Of Website

It is the priority of every online business to register the website on business name and address because it is a brand. Various online companies provide information about the ownership of sites. Anyone can get information about any website by just providing the link to that website. Whois.is is one of the known websites which offer its services of providing information about website ownership along with much other useful information.

We simply put the URL of the website to get information about ownership. The result displayed was somehow astonishing for us. Because the website is registered from Colorado, the state of the US, while the business address was from China, a business address may be different from the manufacturing unit or warehouse. However, still, these addresses remain within the same city or even in the same country. It creates a considerable ambiguity about the trustworthiness of the business.

Additionally, the website is registered recently in December 2019, while the ownership details are hiding by the registrar by using additional security guards.

Final Verdict

In the above article, we carried out a comprehensive review of luvrosy.com. We mark this website as a scam website based on the following findings:

  • Dual meaning refund policy and wave off the responsibility of on-time shipment.
  • Reviews from past customers are typed in the same tone and format. Moreover, the customers providing three stars also mention it as a perfect product in its message. Even any customer didn’t mention even single cons and didn’t tell the reason for low ratings. It means the ratings are self-constructed instead of the real one.
  • Lack of customer care contact number, even there is no contact number from the business address.
  • Customers have to get approval before sending products back to the store for a refund. Even customers have to ask for the shipment address for returning the product.

Hopefully, you like our effort and get a lot of benefits from our discussion.

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