February 28, 2021

Mynewphone247.com is a scam or legit store? Mynewphone247 Review]

Many online stores accessible on internet globe are scam but it is really a  hard task to recognize that which online store is trustworthy or which online store is untrustworthy. For recognizing such online stores, everyone should notice the attributes of any online store. we have addressed below  Attributes of online shopping shops  that the customers should know  so that they can understand the difference between scam or legit-store and also they will be able to decide easily that which shopping stores they should trust and also which they should not trust. Find out Mynewphone247.com is a legit or fake?

Mynewphone247.com is a scam or legit store? Mynewphone247 Review]

Is Mynewphone247.com online store secure?

When the customers visit any online store, the very first thing they should check is the security connection of the online store; this is the first and major security-check of the store. So the customers should put their eyes on the address bar which is situated on the left  at the upper side  of the online store web-page.

Website name: Mynewphone247.com

Check the URL whether it is an https or http? If the examine- URL of the store starts with an https, it means   that when you will enter your details such as credit card details, password, username and also credit card details then these details will encrypted and will be secured from interception.

Website URL:

After examining the URL of the store, see the other information’s about it or its reliability because only checking the Url is not sufficient for examining the legitimacy of the online-store as it is now a day’s freely  provided to the online stores.

Secure connection:

Examine the security –connection of the store by seeing the padlock icon of the site.


Note: Only just by seeing the https or secure connections do not assume that the web store may be secure and safe due to the encryption. Almost scam web shopping store uses encryption so that they can create false ‘sense of security’ among the customers so use other ways to sense genuine security of the website.


How will you come to know the reliability of the store ?

Review it: before purchasing from any online- shopping store run and check its background or you can also Google the shopping store. Check that other buyers have shop from it or not and what feedback or review they have given after shopping from that shopping store.

Now check other listed points  about the online store to check its reliability:

Check discount offer:

The Fake  shopping stores offers good discount that is too good to be genuine as they sell you luxurious products like accessories, electronic, clothing and many more products of well known popular brand  at very cheap ranges. customers may also receive the product  for which they have given amount but that received product will be fake or they may get no products.

Whois lookup service:

Don’t shop from the online stores that are very fresh use whois.com or whois.net or other domain lookup services websites to know when the domain of the web site created.

Unique or copied content?

To get the ‘topmost ranking’ on search engine every web shopping stores must have unique content not the copied content. Only scam shopping stores do not have their unique their web sites  almost every content are copied.

Owner & company details:

Most scam- shopping web stores do not shows their real identity i.e. owner company are non-appear able. These stores hide these precious details or if company and owner details are shown on this store then they may or may not be true so check these details on Whois lookup-services. There are very higher chances of scam on these web- stores that do not show their owner and company- details.

Carefully check the return & shipping policies:

Do carefully check the shipping, refund and return policies. Most scam shopping-store does not provide any return and shipping policy or if they offer return and shipping policies they provides them tricky. Return is applicable in scam stores by while returning them its packing should be in its original packaging. Always carefully see the shipping & return policies.

Contact information:

Are  contact information provided by the  store real? Customers should always check the information of the web- shopping site from which they are shopping. Almost every web-shopping site particularly provides contact-information on their “contact page”>> like  contact number, their address and also the E-mail address.  But this contact-information may be fake so, it’s customer’s responsibility to use the contact-information for the conformation.

For conforming the contact- details whether it is genuine  or fake Customers can do a simple process to conform the contact-information by seeing the address, email and also contact number on the Reverse email/phone/ address lookup directory and also customers can compare contact-information with the information that you found on website contact-page, apart from this you can also check the grammar.

Customer review & ratings: why reviews of the customer’s matters?

  • Shopper’s product buying decision also based on the reviews of the customer’s. For better and safe shopping one should always analyze & collect the customer’s review. The customer reviews helps you to enhance the awareness of the product brand & many more.
  • Customer reviews refers the reliability and the legitimacy of the website.
  • Ranking of the website in search-engine enhances when it have more positive-reviews so, customer review matters a lot.
  • Most scam online stores do not contain any negative review all the reviews of the these website are positive and even they have 5-star ratings, this seems really suspicious as we know not all things in this world have everything positive, with positivity there is also some negativity hence, not everything in this world is perfect so do not trust easily those stores that has all positive-review.

Product images or model faces:

Product images or model faces are important part of a website, images makes the web site look more beautiful and attractive. There are higher chances of customers noticing, clicking and also viewing the web site so every site has product or model images. Images also generate first-impression but most of the online stores use fake model or product images.


Check social-media page return& refund policy:

Check online stores social link and also check this that their social-page has return as well as refund policy or not and their scheme seems fair or not. Almost every fake online-stores do not have refund or return policies  on their social-media page or even they do not have any social-page or links.

Offering secure payment service or not?

While doing online-payment always check the secure service for product billing. Almost many fake –stores provides only PayPal payment mode, also these stores do not have ‘cash on delivery’.  Do not transfer money, and do not give online account and credit card information to anyone that you don’t feel like trusting.


Final verdict:

  • Our motive is very clear that we have to aware our readers from the online shopping scam stores. Scam shopping stores can harm the customers by taking payment from them and after that not delivering any items. They can also steal customer’s important-detail and also bank details.
  • We have shown the real-image of the Mynewphone247.com store and also the real-image and game plan of other shopping stores. After reading this article it is up to you that from which online shop you should purchase products and from which online-shop you should not purchase.
  • Online Scam shopping store carbon copies the logos and the layouts from genuine stores to look real and they hold on your money from which you purchased products and also do other financial frauds by keeping your credit-card details so be careful of purchasing products from these online shops.

If you have any confusion or query then you are free to ask them or you can also share your opinions in the below comment section.



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