January 27, 2021

Natural Remedies for Surviving with Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson is a ‘degenerative’, long-term disorder that disturbs the nervous system. This disorder impacts people in a particular way. Parkinson’s disease has no cure, but it can be healed by treatments and medication. There are several natural ways for Parkinson’s patients to cope with the effects of Parkinson’s disease. Some natural remedies for surviving with Parkinson’s disease are listed in our content which will help Parkinson’s patients to deal with Parkinson’s disease and live life happily.

Before sharing natural remedies for Parkinson’s disease, we will let you know more about Parkinson’s disease like what Parkinson is, and what are the symptoms of Parkinson’s?

What is Parkinson?

Parkinson is a brain disorder that develops from a period of time. Sometimes this disease does not have any symptoms, when this disease starts getting serve then its ‘symptoms began to display’. The main mark of Parkinson’s symptoms is shivering of hands, whenever the Parkinson’s will do any task then their feet and hands will shiver. How will you come to know this that Parkinson is developing in your body? When you will perform any small work like writing notes then you won’t be able to write your notes properly and many such tasks. Parkinson patients face is generally- blank and even they won’t able to smile properly.

Generally, Parkinson’s disease happens on one side, when this disease starts upgrading then it happens on both the sides.

A Parkinson symptom does not appear in an individual’s body instantly, the symptoms of this disease are already present in an individual’s body. This disease appears slowly- slowly in an individual’s body but they come to know about this disease too late. As we all have heard that “prevention-is better than cure” so, individuals should maintain their lifestyle efficiently and healthy so that they can easily prevent” Parkinson diseases”.

To cure with Parkinson’s disease we are here to tell you some natural treatment for Parkinson. To get relief from Parkinson’s disease and also for surviving with Parkinson’s disease try these natural ways.

Goat milk

Goat milk is very beneficial in Parkinson’s disease. Consume goat milk regularly two or three times in a day then within a few days, this disease will be cured easily and efficiently.

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Coconut water

Coconut water is also helpful for Parkinson’s patients- if you will give the Parkinson’s patient coconut water to drink at least two or three times in a day then Parkinson’s disease will be in control.

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Soya bean and goat milk

Take a bowl of soya bean and boil it with some water then put it into a grinder and grind it, when it will grind properly then add one glass of milk to it and also take 1 tablespoon sea seem seeds, roast them and grind them too now add one tablespoon of the sea seem powder in soya bean and goat milk by drinking this milk Parkinson will be in control.

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Mix lemon juice with a glass of water and give it to Parkinson’s patient for six or seven days regularly. This is also effective to control Parkinson’s.

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Green vegetables

Give maximum juice of green leafy vegetables and fruits to the patient of Parkinson. Similarly, if you will give multiple fruit juice then it’s very helpful for Parkinson patients. Patients should eat non cooked food for 10 days. Take vegetables and fruits, wash them, and have them this will be very beneficial for patients and also consuming “vitamin E” rich food.

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Sit under sunlight

Deficiency of vitamin D is also the main reason for Parkinson so once a day undress yourself and sits under adequate sunlight then your body will absorb vitamin d this will full fill the deficiency of vitamin D and the chances of Parkinson would be very low.

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Perform exercise regularly

By performing exercise daily Parkinson’s patient body becomes more flexible, more balanced and they will face less depression and anxiety. While performing exercise don’t make the move too soon. Start walking but before walking try to make your body- posture straight and also walk freely without carrying any kind of stuff with you.

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Important Suggestion for Parkinson patients: If you are performing exercise regularly then before this please consult with your doctors as your doctors may recommend you to hire a physical therapist to help you with performing physical fitness activities.

If you have Parkinson disease then the most important thing you should do is to stay optimistic and perform some exercises and also do some yoga, then soon you can control your Parkinson – disease, drinking three or four cups of ‘coffee’ in a day will reduce the risk of Parkinson. If you will follow these ways then you will notice that Parkinson’s problem will be ruled- out from its root.

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