January 27, 2021

Whether shopping from netvsale.com is safe?

In this situation of pandemic where people are facing severe conditions, wandering and shopping has become next to impossible. Therefore how would it be possible for people to shop without going out?  Due to increase in globalization and technology there are thousands of online stores setting up there business all over the internet. Hence, it becomes utterly important for all of us to ensure whether the company is worth transacting with or not.

Your research ends right here and all your doubts will be provided with a solution. In this article we will discuss about the pros and cons of netvsale.com.


What is Netvsale.com?

Netvsale.com is an online women store which offers upper wear to the ladies. The styles offered are magnificent and trendy. The categories which company netvsale.com is offering are tank tops, t-shirts, hoddies and sweaters.

The claims regarded by the company make us believe that working is truly effective. Therefore this will be made clear only when investigating all the points are taken into consideration.

Below mentioned are some points which will help in knowing the nature of the company netvsale.com:

1.) Owner details and WHOIS records:

Owner is regarded as the person who has the management in all the workings of the company. Therefore it becomes important to showcase the true identity of the owner and the managing team to their customers.

Hence, it is not the case with netvsale.com as the company has not revealed the identity of their owner. This shows that the company does not plan to operate in long run.

2.) Contact info:

Submitting contact information to the customers of the service team works as a helping hand for the people who are not satisfied with the delivered products. Only an email address is provided by the company which is of no use.

Therefore the customers of netvsale.com cannot contact any person in case of mishappening occurs. Hence, the customers should be very precise before dealing with an unknown company which they are not aware of.

3.) Shipping charges:

The company netvsale.com is offering free shipping charges to their customers and promises to deliver the product within a period of 5-21 days all across the world.

Now the question arises how can a company deliver orders without charging a shipping fee? Each and every company’s motive is to earn profits, then why netvsale.com will deliver products without charging shipping fee.

4.) Product and prices:

The upper wear offered by netvsale.com is splendid in style and are trendy. There are various categories of upper wear offered by the company like hoddies, tank tops and many more.

The prices at which the product netvsale.com is offering are very cheap. According to the norms of genuine companies no firm will sell their products at such cheap prices.

5.) Address info:

The information of company’s address helps the customers to relief with the fact that in case of mishappening the members of the company can be contacted. There are various scams held on internet by trapping the customers with duplicate address information.

The same is the case with netvsale.com where the address is provided but on checking the same address on Google maps we could not find such a place. This is a trap laid by the companies to attract the innocent customers.

6.) Payment method:

Various companies which plan to operate in a long run walk hand in hand with the customers. Therefore in this era also there are thousands of people across the world that use COD as an option for payment.

Hence, netvsale.com is not providing Cash on Delivery (COD) to their customers as an option for payment. Customers are only allowed to use PayPal, credit card, American Express, etc. This is because that the company does not want their customers to reveal the true identity of the company.

This clearly shows that the company only wishes to operate in a short run. This is true indication of a scam played by netvsale.com.

7.) About US:

The “About US” section of the companies clear the myth of the customers of getting scammed. Therefore it becomes extremely important for the companies especially the online stores to provide uniqueness and honesty in the content of “About US” section.

But this is not the case with netvsale.com as the company has totally copied the content from the leading companies because the section has nothing to tell about the product that company is offering.

8.) Absence of Social media:

As being a part of lifestyle store netvsale.com should promote their women wear which they are offering on various social media platform. But that’s not the case with netvsale.com because the company has not shared any information of social media account on their official website.

This absolutely indicates that the company is not serious about their business working and they do not wish to increase their profits.

9.) Domain age:

The records of WHOIS reveal that it has been only 77 days that netvsale.com has officially undertaken their business. Therefore the company which has been working since 77 days only cannot be blind trusted. The leading brands have been operating their business since ages and thus had become famous.

Hence, it is advisable to only shop from only companies which has a lead in their business.

10.) Return and Exchange Policy:

The option for exchanging the product can be initiated within 8 days of the receipt. In order to exchange the company must be pre notified by the customer of the problem that he/she is facing with the delivered product. Then the customer must comply with all instructions provided by the company such as that the product must be returned in original packaging without use.

For returning the product the customer has to pay half of the shipping fee charge. If once thr product is shipped then it cannot be cancelled.

11.) Fake models:

The models in the official website of netvsale.com which are showcasing the products that the company is offering are fake. The reason behind such a claim is that the faces of the models are not shown in any of the picture.

This indicates that the cutouts are taken from some other leading brand to tarp the emotions of innocent people.


Remembering the above points we submit netvsale.com in our “Not Recommended” section as the company is lacking the important elements that it should provide to the actual and potential customers.

Therefore we recommend all our readers to always shop from companies which are leading since ages and have a hold in the market. This will ensure the safety of the transact money to the company.

In case you are dealing with certain doubts or queries please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below. Experience holders are also welcome.

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