January 27, 2021

Whether Rabbittrust.com is legit or not? Rabbittrust Review!

You have landed on the right place because your destination is right here. In the article, we will be sharing the reviews regarding the website Rabbittrust.com.
All the details regarding the owner and working of the Rabbittrust.com will be revealed. Therefore this will help us to know the worth of the company.
Rabbittrust.com is a website solely for the purchase of women’s products. The company is providing various varieties for women. As it is not a myth in itself but a fact that women love to shop and even more when the company claims to provide “Uniqueness”.
The company is providing spectacular categories of footwear which include boots, sandals, and slippers. The list doesn’t rest; Rabbittrust.com is also providing beautiful trendy dresses.

As the number of online stores is increasing, the threat is taking its place. No firm can be trusted with close eyes. For getting into deep we must investigate carefully about Rabbittrust.com.

The following points will get you to the worth of Rabbitrust.com.

1.)No Owner details:

The company Rabbittrust.com has not provided any information to their owners. The details of the owner are not even shared on the WHOIS details. This shows that the company is not safe to use.
The details of the owner are the most important element in the working of any company, as it decides the worth and operations undertaken by the company.
Sites that decide to work in short term period do not find it important to share the information of their owners because they know that in the case of mishappening the customer can sue the owner.

2.) Products and Prices:

Rabbittrust.com is selling various categories of women products such as footwear and dresses. The varieties of footwear are in vast detail such as sandals, slippers, and boots.
The flowery language used by online stores such as Rabbittrust.com attracts more and more customers towards them.
The price tags attached to each of the product doesn’t match the worth of the product which is to be sold. The product prices are quite low.

3.) Huge discount percentage:

Rabbittrust.com is providing a huge ratio of rebate to its customers on not only some products but all the products which include boots, slippers, sandals, and dresses.
The percentage of the discount goes high up to 50% which is not a symbol of legit companies. The company is continuously flashing the end of sale which either won’t ever happen. The claim for the end of the sale is flashed again and again to threaten people so that they can shop as quickly as possible.

4.) Payment procedure:

The company Rabbittrust.com has not provided the option of Cash on Delivery to its customers. There are various people in the world who are still not comfortable shopping online using digital payment options. Therefore all the legitimate leading firms provide the alternative option of COD to their customers.
Companies like Rabbittrust.com do not provide a COD option for payment because scam companies do not want to reveal their identity. Therefore the firm is providing PayPal and credit card usage as the payment method.

5.) Copied model images:

The models showcasing the products that Rabbittrust.com is selling are copied. The pictures of the models are full as their faces are hidden.

6.) Shipping orders:

The company claims to deliver worldwide products without shipping charges. The claim also includes the delivery of products within 5-20 days. Providing free shipping products all over the world is not possible as the developers are running the company to making a profit. How does a company will manage its expenses without charging the customers for the delivery of products?

7.) Contact details:

Owner details and contact information are essential elements and the core points in the formation of the company. Therefore sharing such information is the responsibility of the developers to the customers.
Hence, Rabbittrust.com is not sharing any contact information with their customers. They claim their customers to raise the query using the email address provided on the official website.
Now the question arises, how can a company be trusted if no information about the owner is discussed?

8.) Address information:

The company Rabbittrust.com has not shared any details regarding the address of the company. this proves that the developers do not want people to catch them red-handed with scam running of the company.
If no address is provided then obviously the company has not located any office for their team to setup. Hence, this shows the short term plan of the company.

9.) Domain detail:

The website is only 52 days old which is expected to be working for less than 6 months.
Leading websites like Amazon, eBay, etc have gained such popularity after operating their business for years. Therefore in such a few times how can, Rabbittrust can be trusted with much guarantee to share the details of our bank.

10.) Return and Exchange Policy:

The company claims to receive the return of the product they delivered within the 14 days of receipt. Though the product refund will be initiated if the product is canceled before its shipment but once the product is delivered it has to be returned to the company within a period of 14 days. In addition to this, the customer must have a proof of the purchase.
For the purpose of refund, the product must be unused and in original packaging. After the return, the product will undergo an inspection which will further decide the refund of the product.
If the product passes the procedure then the company will initiate the refund in few moments otherwise it will be canceled.

11.) About Us:

The About Us section of Rabbittrust.com is completely copied from other leading websites. The company does not have a uniqueness in itself as the firm must provide true statements of the working of the company.
Whenever we wish to shop online, the details of the owner, contact info, and the address of the company must be shared with the customers.

12.) Numerous buying options:

The company allows the customers to buy uncountable number items of a single product. The customer can purchase 1000 articles of a single product. No legit company allows its customers to buy such huge articles of a single product.


The company Rabbittrust.com is only 52 days old which makes the trust score to 0%. In addition to this, no information of the owner and contact details are shared. Legit and genuine companies make sure to earn the trust of their actual and potential customers which makes us believe to shop from such leading websites.
In case of any query or doubt, you can freely share the comment in the section below.

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