January 27, 2021


“ I have lived through much and now I think have found what is needed for happiness. A quiet secluded life somewhere in the wild, with the possibility of being useful to people to whom it is easy to do good and who are not accustomed to have it done to them”.


These were the words said by Christopher McCandless a brilliant wayward kid from Washington, DC  whose idealism led him to give away all his possessions and hit the road , eventually reaching Alaska where he intended to live off the land. Four months later, hunters found his crazy emaciated corpse.

The book written by John krakaure, who at first wrote a 9000 words article about Chris McCandless in 1993, but his fascination didn’t vanish away. He traces away his entire movement with the beginning of the abandon car till very end.

The book “Into The Wild” follows the decisions steps that the protagonist, Christopher McCandless takes to get to Alaska, krakaure combines the main character’s life and other characters. Krakaure combines his own ideas and feelings about Chris McCandless in writing this book.

As Krakaure writes his book and sees how wilderness can have such a strong pull on some people, why boys are attracted to do such high risk activities and the relationship between their parents.

Chris McCandless, a brilliant student from Emory University and a socialist with a mindset of outer level connection . A person , whose family had all the brains, all the wealth and yet failed to develop a secure relationship with their children. Chris , leaving a life of wealth and privilege, feeling the need for space, freedom, solitude and self discovery. After graduating from the university at age of 22, he went on a road trip around United States. He lost his car to a flash flood, so he continued by walking, hitchhiking and jumping fright trains. He crossed Mexico by Canoe and got lost in the cannels there he lived and worked on a farm in South Dakota for a while. He spent time in Arizona and California, sleeping in forest on mountain next rivers then desert. But all the time he was dreaming of the big adventure in Alaska.

2 years of travelling sounds like a heck of a time NO OBLIGATIONS, NO LIMITATIONS, NO EXPECTATION, JUST EXPLORING THE WORLD, LIFE AND YOURSELF. That’s a life!

The author did an excellent job portraying the events leading upto and during Chris McCandless decision to go “into the wild”. He wrote with description and details made the book very interesting and allowed the reader to feel and visualize many events in Chris’s decision to live a life as he never knew it and go off his own

“I have had a happy life and thank the lord , goodbye and may god bless you all”

-Chris McCandless

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