January 20, 2021

Technology: Pros, Cons and Role of Technology in various fields.

The conversion of scientific knowledge into practical terms by combining skills, information, facts, methods, techniques and processes is known as technology.

The development of technology has been a beautiful graph which has showed that in prehistoric time’s early man used to create fire through stones, then agriculture took place and eventually the development of wheels helped people to learn to travel from one place to another. The invention of communication devices has eliminated the barriers which obstructed the exchange of thoughts within global scale. The progress from telephone to mobile phones to Internet world has made human interact globally without any restrictions.

Technology: Pros, Cons and Role of Technology in various fields.

The word Technology has been derived from Greek words “techne” which means “art or craft” and “logos” meaning “speech”. Technology is bliss to mankind which has increased the efficiency of the productivity. Therefore technology adds the simplification meaning to life and scientific approach.

With the span of time and evolution of new technologies people are getting used to the uses of scientific inventions. Therefore this has also lead to the advancement of economy of the nation. There are various types of technologies such as industrial technology, architectural technology and information technology, creative technology and so on.

Each and every action performed in day-to-day life is regarded with technology whether watching a movie while sitting on a couch or making fries in kitchen or working for progress in the company.

In the below paragraphs we will be discussing about the pros and cons of the technology so that the benefits and dependency does not overshadow the potential harms that it can cause to the world.


1.)  Saves time:

Technology plays a major role in saving the time. If the past can be reminisced then for reaching one place to another the help of donkeys and map were taken but in modern technology the help of various vehicles and GPS can be taken. This saves the time and the energy which can be otherwise used in accomplishing some other task.

2.) Makes the world a smaller place:

In prehistoric times, when people use to travel from place to place it was a task of head over heels. Therefore in today’s era technology has made everything look smaller and “piece of cake”. Travelling to one place to another or from one country to another has become so easy and simplified.

3.) Provides Global Information:

If we talk about today’s era then Internet is equally precious for humanity as food is for survival. Internet is major resource for fetching information of all the inches of the world. Internet helps in accumulating information about the survival, perceptions, history, science, economy, cultures and various ideas from all over the parts of the world.

Through the use of internet people can gather the wealth of knowledge. With this the work of hours has become of minutes.

4.) Made traveling simpler:

Technology has made travelling faster, simpler and safest. Before time people use to consider bullock carts, cycle or walking as their option to travel but nowadays in a blink of an eye we can hop into airplane.

5.) Productivity:

Cultivation has been an occupation since ages when people even did not know the exact usage of the tools. In those times people use to work either through hands or by horse. The journey of agriculture has changed as machinery is been used. Due to this farmers are able to yield and produce more. With every new invention of technology the progress and efficiency in tasks is visible.

6.) Communication made easier:

With the span of time when industries took place the need of communication was required, therefore Telegraph was invented. Thereafter as and when the needs started increasing the technology was improved. After the invention of Telegraph the communication media took next level, telephones were introduced; personal technology took the introduction of mobile phones, then satellite phones and these days communication over data based fiber optics.

With these new technologies people have learned the use of social media platforms where the messages can be send in less than a minute. Not only personal but professional dealings are also stood up through emails. Even people residing in different parts of the Earth can communicate through video calls or conferences.

7.) Medical field:

Technology has made it possible for inventing of new and effective medicines which can cure various diseases. Through the technology new machines are developed which cut the cost of the production on a large scale.

The implantation of limbs, kidneys is possible and possession of pulses in the brain to make people hear has become possible due to the improvement in technology.

8.) Made World cashless:

No one might have ever imagined that people would use electronic means of communication for transferring money. But in today’s era more than half of the work is done online with the help of Internet.

In previous times barter system was the circulation through the society but eventually the introduction of paper notes took place and no people are going cashless. Even people are also knowledgeable about the crypto currencies.

The wait list in standing in queue has reduced and minimized with the invention of various online means of transfer.


1.) Poses risk to health:

Agreed technology can be the need of the hour but it is not lately understood that it can also poses risk to health issues. These days no task can be fulfilled without the use of technology. Talking about cooking to working in an industry everything is concerned with the availability of technology.

If we take an example of computer or laptop then continuous sitting on the couch and working for hours can lead to eye damage, wrist and muscles pain, migraine issues and so on.

2.) Social Isolation:

In the era of modernization children under the age of 18 y/o are also addicted to mobile phones, laptops, Mac books, etc. Bonds are built over social media and video calls which are only digital. This has lead to social distant within people and relations. This may even lead to mental illness due to lack of interaction with near and dear ones.

3.) Made people dependent:

Technology can be good as well as evil depending on how much it is used. Though the human productivity has increased but the efficiency of human capital has faced a plunge.

People have started relying on the gadgets more on their brain as if they feel to recall they spontaneously take the help of gadgets. A small device such as a calculator obstructs the humans to use their brain for calculations.

This has reduced the dependencies of the company on human capital. Even the heavy lifting is done with the help of technology; hence the requirement of humans is gradually decreasing.

4.) Might lead to destruction:

It is well said “excess of everything harms”. Therefore the excess use and dependency on technology may lead to nothing. Countries are using the science knowledge for innovating various destructive nuclear, atoms and hydrogen bombs.

The access to someone’s personal life has become a game of seconds.  Cyber crimes are increasing day by day as the hackers are trying every possible option to steal the personal data of the people for their own benefit. This has led to many financial losses.

The technology has made possible the manipulation of photos and audios into realistic videos which can show an abrupt situation. This audacity to misrepresent the information to a false level and spreading rumors is termed as crime.

5.) Laws should conform the rights of individuals:

In the era of globalization each and every thing is available on internet. Not even a single second has to be invested in thinking and recalling instead a spontaneous action to use the technology is awaited. Technology does not lack to give information whether pertaining to science, educational, history or even kitchen recipes.

Therefore the availability and no stoppage of use of technology have been harmful in some fields. Such as the formation of dangerous bombs by countries for war field has proved life threatening in past history. Therefore certain rules or laws should be regulated in order to protect the rights of individual to feel protected.


1.) Education:

It has been a privilege for the students that technology has been integrated in the education system. This has enlarged the methods and the teaching styles providing variant options to the teacher as well as the student.

These days’ students are dependent on the technological gadgets outside the classroom, therefore the use of technology within the school premises helps the kids to engage themselves with the familiar gadget and learn more.

Even the technology has made it possible for the kids to get their degree through distant learning or studying without purchasing the books. Hence, technology is making the education accessible for all kinds of students even for the ones who do not wish to leave their homes and still desire to study in renowned universities.

2.) Medicos:

Technology has played a vital role in the field of medical hence saving and sustaining the lives of numerous people. The innovation in health care from introducing adhesive bandages to MRI machines to transplant of organs everything has become possible because of technology.

Technology has lead the patients to prevail the benefits of HIT by introducing procedures and cutting edge treatments which will lead to less pain and fast healing.

3.) Banking:

Technology has improved the banking system as it is more stabled and reliable source of financial intermediaries. Technology has turned out to be the boon for the banking system as this opportunity has reached to millions of people.

The fruitful seeds of technology in banking sector are ATMs, online banking, depositing machines and presently mobile banking is much in use. This has made the banking experience digital.

Technology has also safeguarded the interests of their clients by using a technology that rechecks the signatures of their customers in order to minimize the frauds.

Technology has reduced the dependency on paper money by introducing plastic money i.e. debit cards and credit cards. With the help of credit card a person can withdraw the money more than he has in his bank account.

4.) Manufacturing Industries:

Technology has been efficient in various fields including manufacturing. It is helping in cloud computing, coding, management, automation and so on. This vast usage of technology in the area of manufacturing is not probably reducing the dependency on human capital but instead it is providing more opportunities for innovation and creating a table for abundance of ideas. This way business can open up themselves with new services to the customers.

With the help of technology the designs of various vehicles technology such as robotic cars, aircrafts, space ships, airplanes, etc can be done efficiently and timely.

Technology has increased the efficiency of the product manufactured by cutting the tasks consuming much time and hence ensuring the best possible outcome of the efforts.

People working in a company is experiencing the flexibility in working as the businesses which are spread across the country or globally can contact within minutes and discuss the further plans and reports.

5.) Daily Life:

In today’s era of globalization imagining life without the usage of technology is pointless. Technology is a vital tool which purposely also cannot be avoided. In this dynamic world technology works as a key element which harnesses the progress of lives.

It is a vital ingredient that has brought essential changes in improving the standard of living of society and has helped people to reach the level of heights which they might have not imagined.

Scheduling your daily routine from driving a car to grilling sandwiches to surfing internet to washing clothes in automatic machines each and everything is interrelated to technology. Astronauts have made it possible to reach the moon due to the reason “technology”.

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