January 27, 2021

Todaypink.Com – Is This Seller Legitimate Or Fraudulent?

Females are more curious as compared to men for adapting tothe latest design wearable.That’s why online stores are more successful than others with general commodities. Todaypink.com is one of the stores that offer various wearable products for women.

In this article, we carry out todaypink.com review that helps the women to get in-depth information about this platform. We do this because a large number of online buyers face scams regularly while purchasing online from different stores.

In this review, we follow the basic standards that an online store must have to conform to prove its worth and legitimacy.

Todaypink.Com – Is This Seller Legitimate Or Fraudulent?

What Is Todaypink.Com?

Todaypink.com is an online store that offers various female products to its users from around the world. The product line of this store includes multiple types of dresses, tops, sandals, bottoms, bags, and jewelry.

This online store claims to be the best one and provides premium quality products to its customers, as mentioned in the description of products.

Analyze Product Presentation

The products are presented attractively, with pictures from various angles. It is easy for the customers to understand the design and structure of the product by seeing the images. Moreover, the seller provides multiple options to select the products in terms of design and size. The size chart is mentioned with every product. It is a good sign and creates an attraction for customers to select the right product.

However, the prices and discount rates are somehow confusing for us. The seller provides a high discount on the majority of products, and it goes up to 50% varies from product to product. No doubt, an online store earns a handsome income, but is it possible to earn something after providing high discounts?

There is a possibility that the prices are set at a high level and put the discount for creating attraction for customers. Secondly, the products may be of different specifications as prescribed in the description. It creates negativity on the legitimacy of the seller.

Additionally, the seller offers a further discount of 5% on the purchase of $69, 10% on the purchase of $99 and 15% on the purchase of $139.

Customer reviews are essential to know about the legitimacy of the website. When we analyze the customer reviews, we find reviews are managed fraudulently. Because all the reviews are written in the same format and style. Additionally, we see many reviews that are written before the registration of the website. The website is registered in September 2019, while the reviews were uploaded in 2018. We are unable to understand this miracle.

Website Registration

The website was registered in September 2019; it means they are new in the market. However, the ownership details are protected by the registrants using additional security web security features.

Website Structure

Good websites always build various pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy, etc. This store manages all the pages on the site, but what they mention on those pages.Let’s take a look at different pages on this website to know about the legitimacy.

1.     About Us

Usually, this page informs the readers about the seller, their business name, the journey of business, etc. But about us page on this website only mention the products they offer for its customers.

They even didn’t mention the name of the company and any other information related to business history. It is another negative point about the seller and its business.

2.     Contact Us

Contact us page of any website provides information about the business location and contact numbers. It provides easiness for the users to contact them for any reason or can visit the location physically. This seller doesn’t provide any location for business, offices, or warehouses. Instead of displaying the contact numbers, it only provides a contact us form that users have to fill and send for contacting them.

If the business is real and the seller is legitimate, then why they don’t mention the name or contact numbers on the website.

3.     Terms And Conditions

On this page, the seller clearly mentions that the buyer automatically enters the agreement at the time of purchase, and he is wholly responsible for any activity. But what is the terms and conditions are not clear.

The seller holds the right to cancel the order at any time, even after accepting the order, in case of out of the stock problem. But if the seller maintains the inventory, then why this problem occurs even after the acceptance of the order. It means the seller doesn’t keep the stock and try to manage the product after receiving the order.

Furthermore, the seller mentions the liability statement in an unclear way. It is hard to understand either they take the responsibility of products or not. But they transferred the limited liability towards vendors of products.

Pricing information makes us astonished, the seller mentioned that there could be an error in pricing due to typography or any other reason. It is incredible how an online store that delivers the products around the world maymake typo mistakes.

In short, the terms and conditions page harms the overall legitimacy of the website and seller as well.

4.     Shipping Policy

This seller mentions that product delivery takes 5 to 12 working days, which is relatively high as compared to known sellers. Even then, they don’t take responsibility for on-time delivery.

5.     Return & Exchange

This seller offers its customers to return the products within 30 days of delivery. They only accept the return in case the product was not used and with the original packaging of the product. It is the right of the seller to put this condition.

Buyers can get the return in cash or buy another product from the seller. It totally depends on the buyer. But if the buyer wants to take cashback, the refund period is uncertain, and it seems that the seller put this responsibility on Credit Card Company.


After analyzing the website from different aspects, we never recommend the readers to buy anything from this seller. We clearly describe the reason for every point.

Our decision is based on the information collected from the website of the seller. We recommend the buyers analyze the site by themselves from different aspects, as we mentioned in the above article.

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