January 20, 2021

Top 5 Best Food for Calorie


Are you struggling for gaining weight and looking for something that can help you? Here we have discussed some of the food items that can help you do this and your body can start absorbing fat, which will make you a fit and macho man. It seems to be quite common that people struggle with the problem of gaining fat. However, if we hear about this from experts then it is as difficult as losing fat.

Two types of fats are available in the market, the first one is good fat and the second one is saturated or bad fat. Now you need to decide whether you want to consume good fat or saturated fat. In this article, we will discuss only the good fats because consuming good fats is a great choice as it will protect your heart and make it strong. Here is a list of top five food items that contain good fats and will help you to gain a good body fat:

1- Home Made Smoothies:

It is one of the most preferred choices by most people as it could be highly nutritious along with a good amount of fat content. According to some reports and test, it is found that the protein shakes that are available on the commercial level contain a high amount of sugar in them, which cause you various heart diseases. Here are some of the protein shakes that you can try at home:

  • Chocolate banana shakes with nuts– It contains high proteins and a lump of very little sugar in it. If you use dark chocolate in it then it will double up the protein content and less down the sugar content, making it one of the most nutritious drinks.
  • Chocolate Shake with Hazelnut– This shake seems to be different from the commercial ones and if we talk about the taste then it is different as the flavor provided by the hazelnut is not very common. You can also prefer avocado to increase the protein content in the shake.
  • Vanilla Berry Shake– This shake provides you a fantastic experience if you are more inclined towards the taste of the shake. The combination of berry and vanilla would give you a very delicious taste along with a good amount of protein that will help you gain weight and complete all the requirements of the body.

2- Milk:

For many years we all hear it from our parents that if you want to be healthy then you need to drink at least one glass of milk in a day. Milk is one of the best weight gainers and works as a muscle builder for many years. If we look at the contents of milk then it contains a good amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and calcium. Even some of the bodybuilders prefer to take a good amount of milk daily so that their bodies can get a healthy structure. In some of the researches, it is found that if you take whey protein with milk then it will work as casein in the body. This casein will help your body to increase absorption power and leads to higher body weight.

3- Rice:

Rice is one of the most common sources of gaining weight and the level of carbohydrates is quite low in this food product. As a result, if you take at least one cup of rice daily then it would be better for your body. Different methods can be followed to cook rice and some of those methods are you can simply boil them and remove all the starch from them or you can make various dishes using it because taking boiled rice on daily basis would be boring. The other way of taking the protein is that you can add it up with any of the protein or with any healthy fat. However, if you take it in high amounts then it can cause you some problems and the reason behind it is that it contains Arsenic acid in it. If you take rice, in heavy quantity then the arsenic level increases and the absorption power of iron and zinc decreases from the body leading to some serious health issues.

4- Nut Butters and Nuts:

This is one of the delicious forms of fats and if we talk about the protein content then they will provide you a good amount of protein. The best part of this food item is that you can easily take it even while you are traveling from one place to another, as it is available in the dry form and easily fit into your pocket. However, the protein content in the food item is quite high and this is the only reason why you need to take it in a very small quantity. According to many researchers, a small portion of almonds contains near about 7 grams of protein and 18 grams of good fats. However, the calorie count in this food item is quite high, and taking a very small amount is beneficial. You can also take them in a mixed form in which you can add them to your diet like in the smoothies and other kinds of stuff.

5- Red Meats:

If you are looking for bulk muscles then this would be a great option. Understanding this thing with an example can be better, the steak contains near about 3 grams of protein. Some other things that are present in this food item are Leucine, which contains amino acids and amino acids that works efficiently for the body. As it helps the body to produce extra tissues and make the muscles mass double. But at the same time, you also need to understand that taking only lean meat as the normal meat contains a lot of calories and some of the saturated fat which damages your heart.


At last, we would like to conclude that here you will get some of the important and specific information that will help you gain fat and essential nutrients for the body. However, there are many fat builders available in the market that can easily build up a good quality of fat in your body but along with their benefits; there are some side effects that will adversely affect your body. The most crucial damage caused by these supplements is that they will disturb the whole hormone system of your body and then it will become very difficult to manage your weight and you will become a fatty bomb. Taking these nutrients things will make your body fit and will help you get essential fat.

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