January 27, 2021

Tour to Amsterdam:

The capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam is cosmopolitan city which showcase exploration. The city is one of the famous and excited destinations in Europe. Amsterdam is also known as “Venice of the North” due to the reason of more than 100 canals which the city has. The adventures in the city can be very well explored either by bike, boat or on foot.

The city is ideal tourist destination because of its preservation of the historic homes which are built in such a pattern showcasing a shape of fan and the concentric segment is built on piles.

Tour to Amsterdam:

The following paragraphs will explain the top attractions of Amsterdam and a tour to city.

1.) Rijksmuseum:

The National museum Rijksmuseum was founded in the year 1798. The spectacular museum houses almost 8000 artifacts and rare antiquities. The housed arts include the masterpieces framed by famous painters such as Frans Hals, Vermeer, etc.  People who are attracted to arts are fascinated towards the museum.

The museum also rooms hundreds of books and manuscripts in its library and also display the development of Netherlands arts and culture. The preserved art in the museum is of all stages from traditional to modern pattern.

The premise of the National Museum consist of a splendid garden where the visitors can relax and vibe with the temporary exhibitions which often takes place in the season of autumn and spring.

In order to ignore the long queue it is advisable to book the tickets for the Rijksmuseum in advance. Guided tours are easily available. Even a table can be booked at the Michelin – starred which is a museum’s restaurant.

2.) Van Gogh Museum:

The museum is 2 km away from the city of Amsterdam. The must go attraction of the city is a spectacular museum which was opened in the year 1972. The museum has gone through various renovations to keep it up-to-date. The popular museum houses almost around 200 writing and art pieces.

Van Gogh museum illustrates the displays of Vincent Van Gogh who is a well known artist. Therefore people visit the museum from all the quarters of the world. The museum well knowingly portrays the realistic lifestyle and work ethics of the artist Vincent Van Gogh.

The museum also allows the workshops for children and as planned on every Friday an artist from various different fields are invited to showcase their experience in personal and professional life.

3.) Vondelpark:

The most fascinating visited, popular, and unending fun-to-do things park is Vondelpark in the city of Amsterdam. The park covers a total size of 120 acres. The park is covered with cafeteria, open air theater and playground for children and visitors can enjoy the fresh and refreshing environment.

Various visitors or tourists are attracted towards the most famous park which has an open theater and various restaurants and bars. Originally the park was pronounced as “Nieuwe Park”. The park is a roof for various roses and variety of flowers.

The statues crafted by Louis Royer such as “Joost van del Vondel” is the landmark for this beautiful park after which the park was named. Sometimes a golf tournament also takes place.

4.) Dam Square:

Dam Square is a tourist hub which conducts various royal events takes place. It is the most famous and populated town square which is crowded with a huge amount of tourists.

The area Dam Square also resides various other tourist attractions such as National Memorial Statue, New Church and Madame Tussauds which is a wax museum. There are plenty of down street activities and entertainment options which can be explored in the surrounding of popular Dam square.

5.)  Anne Frank House:

This house is a quite famous tourist attraction because the popular writer namely Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis during the period of World War II. The house is built alongside the Prinsengracht canal. The house turned to be the hide space for Anne Frank and her family where she wrote her inspiring and motivational book named “The Dairy of a Young Girl”.

The Anne Frank House is a perfect description of the struggles which Jews made at that time. the house was turned as a museum in the year 1960.

6.) Bloemenmarkt:

The Bloemenmarkt is specifically only known flower market which is floating in the world. The needs of the flower will be absolutely fed in this market.

In order to buy the tulips which is the centre attraction of the people of Amsterdam can be bought especially in this market. The market is extended with various varieties of flower catering shops. Each and every wished flower can be bought and every possible color of tulip is available.

7.) Royale Palace of Amsterdam:

The Royale Palace of Amsterdam is famously known as The Town Hall which specifically is used as a residence for the king whenever he surrounds the city.

The outer and décor of the Palace is framed in a very Classical Roman structure while the interior apartments are furnished with ornaments, paintings of popular and artistic painters, marble crafted structures.

8.) Botanical Garden:

Hortus Botanical Garden is the world’s oldest and one of the must-go bucket lists in Amsterdam. The garden caters all the beauty abstracted from the nature compiled in this utmost beautiful garden.

Originally, the garden was originated in 1638 as an herb experimental garden for various doctors. In present the botanical much visited garden of Amsterdam compiles exotic flowers, rare plants from various tropical zones.

9.) Nemo Science Museum:

Just as a warship the enormous structure has resided the Nemo Science Museum since the year 1997. The museum is spread all over the five floors giving major world class goals and each floor provides ample amount of information which is the biggest tourist attraction for the people of all ages.

The museum caters short movies, latest gadgets and various other information about human body and mind. In addition to this cafeteria, playground while some shops provide refreshing vibes to the tourists in enjoying the knowledgeable environment of the museum.

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