January 20, 2021

Tour to Greece: Top 10 places to visit in Greece

Originally Greek is called as “Hellenic Republic” which has its location in Southeast Europe. Due to the vast and varied culture of the country Greece it is a famous and popular tourist attraction of Europe.

The beauty of Greece cannot be defined in words. The landscape caters the hunger for all types of tourists whether the ones who crave for ice capped mountains or white sandy beaches. All the places and historic ruins are food for the appetite.

Tour to Greece: Top 10 places to visit in Greece.

If you are planning a trip to Greece then the list followed will cater all the basic requirements.

1.) Santorini:

The active volcanic island “Santorini” is located between los and Anafi islands. Santorini is also known as Thira. The island is popular for its scenic cubic and haphazard architect with white washed houses and blue domed churches.

The major sun set viewing is in Oia. The blue sky is the cheery on the cake. The hotels and houses are built on the cliffs which showcase the picture as fairytale.

Santorini is an ideal and must go destination to visit in Greece which caters historic monasteries, buildings, bistros, blue doomed churches, cathedrals and picturesque sunsets and beaches.

There are hundreds of wine yards in Santorini which offers tasting and even some of the also caters food with the picturesque scenery.

2.) Chania Town:

Chania town is the second largest city of Crete and you are most likely to visit. It is also the capital of the Chania region. The city is been divided in two phases- the old town and the modern city which is geographically the bigger one. The old town or the Venetian Harbor is the centre of attraction.

The old town and its borders are destroyed and form an uncommon architect which has been a prioritize location for many Hollywood TV serials and movies.

The lighthouse of the city showcases the most sparkling view of the city. In addition to this the city is also famous for its cobbled streets among the tourists.

The city resides various theaters, art galleries, museums and music groups. The most famous theater is the Municipal and Regional Theater of Crete. The municipality or the individuals organize plays and numerous cultural programs during the summer season. Several categories of these activities takes place in the theater reside in the east bulwark of Old town. In the midst of May and September various cultural festivals and conferences takes place which can be really cherished.

3.) Nafplio:

Crowned by fortress which gives a charming look to Nafplio the place has a waterfront. The place is the most romantic and comfy for the couples to travel.  The seaport is embarked with Venetian houses, dotted with fortress, narrow streets, enticing museums and neoclassical mansions.

4.) Athens:

The capital of Greece, Athens is the largest city of the country. It is the oldest city which dominates a powerful civilization. The fascinating history of the city attracts plenty of tourists.

People consider Athens as a city where the western civilization took birth. After the Olympics of 2004 in the city Athens it took an upsurge makeover and renovation. New sport facilities were introduced, development of new international airport, construction of infrastructure and exposure to large amount of public transport were made available.

Some of the places to visit in Athens are Parthenon, Temple of Hephaestus, Temple of Zeus, Acropolis of Athens, Acropolis museums, etc.

The Athens is known to be the city which has the oldest and first established democracy under the leadership of Cleisthenes, a leader of Athens.

Roman Agora is located some miles away from Ancient Agora which has collection of buildings.  The Tower of Winds is considered to be the water clock, wind vane and sundial. This tower is the first meteorological centre.

5.) Hersonissos:

Hersonissos is an old port town located on the island of Crete. The place is famed as luxurious resort serving all the needs of the visitors. Cruise available in the daytime takes you to the pebble beach’s and islands.

The place is quite popular for seafood which is catered fresh. Residing amusements parks, ancient ruins, beaches and shopping markets makes Hersonissos a worthy destination for tourists.

The island can be experienced on the back of horse enjoying the perks of folk food, culture and can wander around the Cretan countryside.

Some of the must places to enjoy in Hersonissos are the rides at Star beach water park, Seaworld at Aquaworld and Reptile Rescue Centre, stables at Arion Stables, Vrontisi monastery, Cave of Zeus, Cretan farm.

6.) Mykonos Town:

A popular destination for the tourists Mykonos is situated in the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea. The sun worshippers, party animals or the ones who wish to cherish the atmosphere, the beaches of Mykonos suits the needs of all types of tourists.

Though the island covers basically 25 beaches but the enthusiastic goers dominate the Paradise and Super Paradise beaches which resides Psarou and Paraga. The Platys Gialos and Kalafatis beaches are famous for water sports.

The west side of the island covers the capital of Mykonos “Hora” which has narrow pedestrian area for the people to walk on, boutiques, restaurants and churches. One of the museums of Haro i.e. “Archeological Museum” is the worth place to visit as it provides various information of the ancient history.

Some of the places to shop in Hora are Little Venice, Matogliani, etc. Other than this Hora also welcomes the tourists who have a taste in art exhibitions as the place house some art galleries such as Art and Soul Gallery and Rarity Gallery.

7.) Rhodes:

Rhodes is the largest and the most popular island among the twelve Dodecanese Island located on the Aegean Sea. It is one of the spots which are most visited by the tourists. The island has a splendid and digging history which attracts many tourists.

The island serves all the taste whether they interests to ancient ruins, beaches or bars. All the kinds of tourists catering from penny to burglars are invited in the island.

To learn the amazing history of Rhodes visiting Acropolis, this is at a height of 116 meters from the village of Lindos. This can be promised that after taking tour of the place you won’t be regretting.

Some 2000 years back the island of Rhodes were the residence of Colossus of Rhodes and even in 1988 it was pronounced as the World Heritage City by UNESCO.

8.) Delphi:

The house of the most ancient archeological site “Oracle” Delphi is the best place to visit in Greece. This place preserves the valuable ruins of archeological sites.

Regarding to the historic myth, Zeus flew two eagles one from the east and the other from the west in order to make them meet at the center point. After flying these two eagles met at the future site of the place and that particular spot or point was pronounced and declared by a stone as the “Omphalos”. Hence the stone marked was then shifted to the Temple of Apollo.

Delphi is regarded as the “Centre of World”. This ancient sanctuary is located at the footsteps of Mount Parnassos. The two sanctuaries in Delphi are regarded to Anthe and Apollo.

The weather is quite pleasant in the month of November and makes the place worth visiting. Some of the destinations and sightseeing places in Delphi are Ancient Theater, Athenian Treasury, Stoa of Athenians, etc.

9.) Naxos:

The largest and the greenest island located on South Aegean, Naxos is one of the called destinations of Greece. The place is best visiting tour for the nature lovers. The peaceful, gorgeous, soothing and uncrowned weather steals the heart of all the visitors.

The tourists will discover Peak Mountains, green valleys, prehistoric villages, admired seascapes and various archaeological sites.

The capital of Naxos is Chora which houses various exotic restaurants and markets making it a hubbub for visitors. For viewing the panoramic views the visitors can hike at the top of Mount Zas which is regarded as the highest point of the Cyclades.

Some of the beautiful and must go to beaches are Mikri Vigla, Plaka Beach, Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna. A tour to Apano Kastro can be a major sightseeing place to visit. This is the ruins of the ancient castle which was demolished some decades back. In present time, the area is filled with velvety greenery all over.

10.) Corfu:

Located on the northwest side Corfu is one of the must island to visit in Greece. The island preserves the cultural heritage which reflects the influence of French, Venetian and British accomplishment. The island is quite popular due to its residence of 37 churches.

Tourists come to this island for olive tasting and admiring the nature. Even Corfu is a shelter for various rare species of reptiles.

Recorded the island covers 119 beaches. Therefore the sunbathers have a time to cherish their moment. In order to experience the real nature you must visit the fishing village i.e. Gorge at Agni Bay. The seafood lovers have a quirky chance.


Greece is gem preserving the historical culture and true colors. The ancient ruin powers the literature of the country. This beautiful and gorgeous country provides a fusion of tastes for all kinds of tourists.

Hence, the country is a place where many newly married couples or trekkers rush to experience and admire enticing the beauty of Greece.

The place has various attractions for the visitors to lean in the history and authentic culture. The whitewashed houses with blue doomed churches makes a perfect combination and a worth destination.

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