January 27, 2021

Types of Computer:

Computer is a wonderful invention which was done by Charles Babbage in Early 19th Century and now in this 21st Century this great invention is present and participated in each and every possible field of work whether we talk about teaching in school or in MNC. In regards to school it will help the teachers to clarify their upcoming doubts in understanding the knowledge of the concepts and in higher institutes it helps in reducing the liability on paper work as all the information will be stored on a single device.

Types of Computer:

As it is rightly said that “need is the mother of invention” and this invention nowadays had become a great need for each and every person around the globe. Computer has its availability in each and every section whether it’s public or private.

Initially the word computer was indicated to “human beings” who used to perform calculations with the help of mechanical calculators such as side rule or abacus. Therefore with span of time the name was referred to the mechanical calculators which made the task easy. The very first digital computer was named ENIAC which was invented to reduce the number of errors and increase the efficiency of the work.

Before people was of the mindset that computers are basics for calculators but gradually many started to realize that the efficiency which computers provide and the amount of data they can handle are way too process able.  The computers are even used for weather forecast, controlling the activities of various mechanical systems such as robotic surgical tools, nuclear reactors and many more.

There are different types of computers which are explained below:

1.) Supercomputer:

These computers are the fastest working and processing computers which are held the most expensive of all. The supercomputer is used to resolve the complicated scientific and engineering problems. Supercomputers are used for quantum of calculations as they are the highest processing computers.

These computers usually have more than one CPU for which helps in fast solving of arithmetical and logical problems.

2.) Server computer:

A piece of computer which provides data to other computers is called server computer. There are various types of servers which are available such as web server, file server and mail server. These mentioned servers provide the software related to the purpose they are meant for.

Server computers can serve the other computers either through LAN (Local area network) or WAN (Wide area network). Thought the server computers can be operated on any type of computer, it just requires a suitable hardware which can support the demands of the server.

3.) Personal computer:

Personal computer is also known as PC or Micro computer. The feasibility, multipurpose features and low incur expenses makes it appealing to various people who wish to purchase for individual use. A single user computer can be used for spreadsheets, word processing and data base management. The appearance of personal computers was visible in late 1970s.

PC consists of input or output devices which consist of keyboard, display screen, printer, modem and mouse, central processing unit also known as CPU and two categorizing memory such as main memory (RAM and ROM), compact discs and magnetic hard disks.

4.) Mainframe computer:

Computers which contain large amount of space, huge memory and high processors which are quite similar to supercomputer are called mainframe computers. Due to high amount of space and storage mainframe computers are popularly employed by high profile organizations. In present times the famous suppliers of mainframe computers are Hitachi, Unisys, IBM and Amdahl.

The vital components of mainframe computers are CPU, Storage unit, Motherboard, Input/ Output devices, Multiprocessors, Controller unit, Cluster controller devices.

Mainframe computers help to enhance the efficiency of the processing due to large amount of storage power. In addition to this, the operators can stricken the usage of the data.

5.) Workstation computer:

A single user computer which is primarily designed for scientific and technical operations is called workstation computer. In addition to this the computer has graphic and animation designing capability with a strong CPU. It is believed that workstation computer is much efficient than personal computer. The appealing quality of workstation computers is that they pursue large amount of capacity and multi tasking potential.

The workstation computer was originated and invented in the year 1981 by National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The workstation computers were commercially manufactured in 1983.

6.) Microcontroller:

Microcontroller is a micro computer which has a single integrated circuit that performs miscellaneous and simple tasks due to minimal memory. The microcontrollers are embedded in various products such as cell phones, etc in order to control the actions. The other name for microcontroller is “embedded controller”.

The microcontroller mostly has LED or LCD display. Microcontroller even takes the input from the devices it is embedded in and sends back the signals to various components of the device.

7.) Laptop:

Laptop is a personal computer which is handy and portable containing a thin LED or LCD and a clamshell which is opened to use the computer. All the capabilities of the desktop computer is amounted in the laptop.

Drawbacks of computers:

  • Being a mouse potato and sitting for longer on computers can directly risk the health of a person.
  • Computers have made every person dependent. No one is ready to do anything by their own.
  • Working on computer requires a lot of movement which can even led to carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • With span of time as computers have become more efficient it has reduced the need of employment.
  • There are various people who use the network and computer in order to commit crime by placing cyber crimes.
  • The excess use of computers and its dependency has reduced the learning skill among the people. As for spelling also the Google is used these days.


As of now when technology is reaching the sky, computers have played an important role whether in accuracy or multitasking. Therefore people have been observed in misusing the technology and causing cyber crimes. As we heard many times, excess of everything harms. In the similar way if dependency on technology will increase then it will harm.

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