February 28, 2021

Valuedshoes.Com Review – Is It Worthwhile To Buy From Valuedshoes?

Female products are one of the most demanding categories in online stores. Therefore, many online stores only offer feminine products. Either it is about clothing or footwear. Valuedshoes.com is one of them. It provides a wide range of female shoes of different types and styles. The product line of valuedshoes consists of sandals, pump & heel, sweaters, jeans, and many more.

The increase in online scams harmsthe eCommerce industry.Now people want to know about the store before involving in any activity with it. They search over the internet about the legitimacy of online stores and read reviews from past customers.

If you are looking for a valuedshoes review, then you are in the right place. We already reviewed various online stores, and today in this article, we take a review of valuedshoes.com. It helps you to know about the legitimacy of this store.

Valuedshoes.Com Review – Is It Worthwhile To Buy From Valuedshoes?

What Is Valuedshoes?

Valuedshoes is an online store that offers feminine products like shoes, sweaters, and jeans. It provides the products of different sizes and styles that create a lot of attraction for visitors at first glance.

Moreover, all the products offered by this online store come with substantial discounts that start from 25% and goes up to 60%. But if you buy four products at the same time, you can get 5th product free of cost. It let the buyers get more items in a particular budget and save their hard-earned money.

But on the other hand, a question arises that is it possible for the buyers to get the right quality products at such a discounted price? No doubt, there is a massive competition in the eCommerce industry, and online stores have to offer products with minimal profit margins. But no one can provide products below the breakeven point. All these questions put us in a suspicious condition.

Let’s move forward towards the design of the website. It is significant because the store displays the products in a well-mannered way. It makes it easy for the buyers to find their desired outcomes by using different categories shownon the main menu. There are also subcategories for products which are beneficial to find a particular type of design.

When we open the product page, it looks good. Every product is offered with detailed pictures that create easiness for the buyers to know more about the design and style of the product. Moreover, a list of sizes is provided with every product for easy to select the desired model. A plus point for the store, but is it possible that they have five to seven sizes for every product? We feel a sense of scam here and guess that they send the available size only instead of the size selected by the customer. The same size list for every product creates ambiguity.

What Is The Legal Status Of Valuedshoes.Com?

It is the most crucial section for online buyers. It not only helps them to find the legit of the store but also beneficial to ensure the privacy of buyers information like credit/debit card details.

An SSL certificate is installed on the website that ensures the buyers that their information remains safe on their website. Because the SSL certificate helps the webmasters to keep the hackers away from their site that is the leading risk for privacy, it is a good sign.

Valuedshoes accept payments from credit cards issued by different banks as well as support payments from PayPal. It creates easiness for customers to use any payment option as per their feasibility. It is another point that goes in favor of this store.

Different online platforms are available that tell about the history of the website as well as information about ownership. The site is registered from Zhejiang, a province of China, and the date of registrations is October 2019. It means it is recently launched, but the owner’s name is hidden due to the use of additional security guards.

When we compare this information with the information available on the contact us page, it creates an astonishing factor for us. Because the business address mentioned on the contact-us page is from the UK, additionally, it says that this is not a returning address.

Additionally, they mention the address with a company name of Meledo Company limited. But there is no information about that company on this page and not on about us page. It means they try to use the name of another company to show their presence on Google Maps. A significant negative point about the seller that is not ignorable.

ShippingAnd Refund Policy

The terms and conditions mentioned on the website are not clear. They indicate that the customer must accept all the terms and conditions for ordering the product. The product can only be shipped after receiving the payment through any of the available payment options.

Furthermore, the seller didn’t take any responsibility for on-time delivery as well as damage or loss of product. Even the product is not received in the right quantity; the seller is not responsible. Instead, the carrier is responsible because the carrier received the product as per the prescribed quantity in the order.

The seller waives off the responsibility in case if there is any difference in the color of the product. It means there could be a difference in color displayed over the website and received by the customer. Because the seller claims that the color could not be the exact as shown in the monitor, and customers have to accept the color they received.If the seller has confidence in its product, then why they put that stupid condition? There must be something wrong.

Final Verdict

In the above article, we take out a detailed review of valuedshoes.com. As per our findings, there are various question marks on the legitimacy of a seller like the lack of contact number, lack of responsibility of shipment, ambiguity in refund policy, and few more.

Therefore, we do not recommend the customers to get involved in the purchase of any product from this store. Otherwise, most probably, you will lose your hard-earned money.

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