January 20, 2021

What Is Technology And How It Has Changed?

Technology is a combination of techniques, knowledge, and skills by which humans can change or transform their lives to meet their needs and desires. It enables people to create various gadgets and devices to enhance their lifestyle.All the things around us are the result of different technological advancements over the decades to make our work easier and satisfied.

Technology is used in every department of life like food, medicine, transport, business, communication, data storage, shopping,marketing, and banks, etc. It is present almost everywhere and in everything involved in our daily life. The development of technology has both positive and negative impacts. It merely depends on how you implement it.

Nowadays, we depend too much on technology, and it helped us in good and bad ways. Let’s discuss how technology has changed our lives.

What Is Technology And How It Has Changed?

Impact Of Technology On Education

In the past, we are not capable of getting data, information, and knowledge as quickly as today. In previous years, technology has enrichedthe methods of teaching and learning. Technology helped to create new and well updated educational ways and syllabus that help to face the unique challenges of life.

Technologies help both students and teachers in the process of education. Technology provides many options for students to research their assignment’s topic on the internet at home instead of going to the library. They can also search for their questionon the internet for a better understanding. There are many educational tools for the teachers that are available on the internet that helps them in making informative lectures to explain the topic in a better way. They can also join online teaching courses to improve their teaching techniques and skills.

The Evolution Of Technology In Communication

Today we have computers and mobile phones to communicate with each other by using video conferencing tools and mobile apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. These apps help you to keep in touch with the family members and friends that live far away. You can makea call and send messages through smartwatches that have almost all the capabilities of a smartphone.

By using social media, you can share your images, videos, important events of your life, etc. with lots of people at the same time. Computers have become faster, more portable, and high-powered. Now computers can fit into a bag in the form of tablets and laptops rather than taking up a whole desk. In the past, people were using floppy disks and compact disks to save their documents and pictures, but USBs hold more data and are smaller in size.

Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone, but it is not restricted to SMS texting and calling. Today, mobiles come with internet access, gaming features, high definition cameras, music player, and lots of other apps. These apps can also improve communication on a business level. E-mail is the most commonly used business communication system that is used in almost all kinds of professions and businesses.

The Role Of Technology In Health Care

Today we have more health care technologies than the past. Technological developments help to save thousands of lives that were not possible in the past due to a lack of facilities. Patients can now access to the best diagnostic tools and advanced treatments. The latest technology in the field of health is telemedicine. Telemedicine has made it possible for patients to take advice fromspecialists anywhere in the world.

Areas likepharmaceuticals, biotechnology, the development ofdifferent equipment, and medical devices have made a significant contribution to improving health. Medical equipment technology has also performed robotic surgeries, where surgeons do not even need to be present in the operation theater when the surgery is performed.

Role Of Technology In Business Development

Technology has changed business in terms of making more profits in business operations. It helps to improve the quality of products and services, speed up a business process, and reduce the use of the workforce. Manufacturing companies use robots instead of humans in the manufacturing process to make the process fast and accurate. Technology has changed the way we conduct business meetings. Traveling for the meetings, especially outside the city, is time-consuming, so the use of video conferencing technology has become more common these days.

Today is an era of e-commerce that makes our lives easier in terms of saving time and effort.

  • You don’t have to enter a bank for any transaction. Paying bills and money transfer has become more comfortable because of online banking technology.
  • If you don’t have time to visit different stores, you can buy almost everything from online shopping. You can also use the online market to sell your used furniture, appliances, cars, or anything.
  • Technology has also changed the way of watching television. LCDs and LEDs have become more popular now because of their additional features.
  • Cable companies allow the viewers to use pause and rewind features. Users can also record their favorite programs to watch later.
  • By using the voice assistant app, you can control various smart devices in your home by using voice commands like turn on the AC or turn off the light, etc.
  • Various mobile apps are available that enable users to order food from their favorite restaurants and grocery from stores. Some online companies also offer pre-made meals and frozen food.
  • Driver assistant technology uses cameras and sensors in the cars.It can help you park the car, detect blind spots, or warn you if you are getting into another lane.

Technology Helps To Improve Security

Medical alert systems help to provide a fast and easy way for older people and those who live alone to get help during any type of emergency. This system comes with a base unit and a waterproof wearable emergency button device. The user can press the button on the base unit or the device. The base unit will automatically call the response center to help you.

Home security systems connect to an app by which you can see the live footage of what’s going on in your house by using your mobile phone. You can also install a security camera and security doorbell and even an intercom so that you can see the visitors through the camera without opening the door.


No doubt, technology has made a lot of changes in our lives in the past decades, and we are still in the threshold of advancement. However, it has both pros and cons. It depends entirely on the people that how they use advancement.

Excessive use of technological development can make a negative impact on mental and physical health. Therefore, it is crucial to keep a balance of use to avoid negative consequences.

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